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true comment: a prospective future lvn asked the head instructor for the lvn program "do we have to be certified in first aid also?" it was this person's 5th time trying to get into the lvn program - scary - thank god she didn't... Read More

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    Back on track here....one of the students in my orientation AND the first real day of clinicals goes "Why do we have to wash our hands after every pt again?"

    Holy moly dude ! :chuckle

    Forgot one...this girl was late for our post conference. She walks in

    Teacher: Where were you?

    Her : Well this old guy was in the hall begging for me to unbuckle his seatbelt in his chair so I did !


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    Quote from LadyT618
    I get it!! I had to take CPR class before entering nursing school. I thought this was the norm for the most part. Apparently it isn't.
    I thought this was the norm too.
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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I don't get it. When i got in, i didn't have to be certified. I don't think it's a stupid question to ask.
    I don't understand, either. It sounds like she was just trying to ascertain whether she was expected to have the certification before starting, or if she would get it along the way. It isn't like she asked if she was going to need first aid skills in order to be a nurse. I also am wondering why she waited till her 5th try to get in before she asked the question. Perhaps she was trying to increase her odds of making it this time. I'm not sure why there's such a sense of relief over her not being a nurse based on this one question
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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Right, which is why i don't feel it was right for this person to be made fun of for asking that question.
    First, Thank You Everyone for replying to this post. Sorry it took so long for me to answer your comments (computer was down). Any way, the instructor said that we needed to be cert in CPR prior to entering LVN program then this person asked her question (the program I went through, we also were taught 1st aid 1st semester - instructor had just finished telling us this) I'm sooo sorry for making initial comment out of text.
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    Well now it makes a whole lotta sense!!
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    Quote from LPN01112005
    We had to be CPR certified prior to starting our nursing classes, too. It was mandatory prior to starting our first clinical rotation in our first quarter of basic nursing. It had to remain in effect until we graduated also. So, if anyone's expired prior to graduation, they had to get recertified before going to clinical.
    Well..... how about this one____ a MD who didn't know or was certifed in CPR!
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    When I was in nursing school this was all covered in the first semester, and NOBODY was allowed to touch a patient until the instructors gave us the go ahead. They made sure we were certified to their standards(which afterwards I came to realize was actually more stringent than the "publicly available" certifications!

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