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  1. by   tsunade
    South Carolina
    Hospice LPN, first job 17/hr PRN typical hours 8:30-5
    No on-call
    No benefits
  2. by   GetSirius
    any LPN in Oklahoma?? There is so many to read through, but I didn't see any from what I did read
  3. by   miconnect
    Michigan assisted living $20.00hr! 1st Job! Thank you Lord!
  4. by   TS73
    Hi everyone. I have been an LPN for 18+ years. The First 5 years I worked in geriatrics in long term care and have worked for a few home health companies and specialized in peds for the last 13 years. I live near St.Louis Missouri. I make 18.00 an hour and work night shifts. I work part time by choice. I am intimidated to ask for a raise. I feel devalued because I am only a part time worker. Also I do not get a shift differential and they offer no incentives when they ask me to work weekends. I was curious if anyone could maybe give some support and advice on asking for a raise...?? I have done some research in my state. I have found that I'm not only receiving entry level pay but also well below the average hourly wage for Lpn's in my state working in and out of home health care. I've always had excellent reviews etc and the families always praise my work and dedication. I am working for a family that has not only has difficulty keeping nurses but also turns down many of the nurses my company sends out to care for their 16 year old son...who to be frank is difficult, yet I have maintained a good rapport with him and I'm his only original nurse left after 10 months. He will eventually recover which is a good thing. I know I work part time, however, I also feel I should be atleast getting PRN pay...because they change my shifts whenever they feel it fits their needs (my company) ...or shift differentials/incentives etc. Anyway that was just a little background.. any thoughts? I've been mulling this over for months. I really do not want to start over somewhere else..I have too much going on right now. Thanks in advance. T
  5. by   ACrawford
    I am in the Knoxville, TN area and make $19.50 an hour doing Pediatric Private Duty. I get 8 hours of over time every other week so it's about $47,000 a year

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  6. by   MissNae
    $20/ HR LTC Richmond VA. 10 months experience
  7. by   cole804
    Quote from MissNae
    $20/ HR LTC Richmond VA. 10 months experience
  8. by   mommyof2NP2B
    Is there anyone in the maryland/ DC area? I would love to know the average lpn salary out there please
  9. by   Jay_LPN
    Quote from mommyof2NP2B
    Is there anyone in the maryland/ DC area? I would love to know the average lpn salary out there please
    Going by this, the average seems to be $23-24.

    It seems more accurate than the websites that create an average based on ads (some displaying that they are looking for RNs and LPNs with the RN salary shown).
  10. by   JammelUSN
    Is there anyone in the Dallas area? Im just wondering what the average salary is
  11. by   becerril.k
    Small town hospital in Texas $11.70 New graduate, and new graduate in a nursing home is $16
  12. by   Mayjoyarceo
    Is anyone from San Jose California? I just passed the exam last may. Any tips for the rate? I worked as caregiver before and that's oh my experience. Thank you.

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  13. by   prinsesspretty
    6months experience as a lpn $20.29 @ a nuerosurgery clinic in VA