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    Quote from futurenurseOB
    Oh cool!! Same company. I start orientation Tuesday. How long have you been there

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡
    I have been there since May
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    Do you like the company? How are your co-workers

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡
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    its ok...... but being a new nurse is hard my co-workers told me if I can make it at envoy I can make it anywhere. its going to be hard working there but once you know what your doing it gets better.
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    Lol sounds like a good mantra to me.

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡
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    I live in Michigan .. LTC facilities in metro- Detroit area , and the sub-burbs pay LPN $24-27.
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    I'm in Mass, working per diem for a group home that pays 28/hr.
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    I'm in southern CA, last year as a new grad in home care I started at $16/hr. I just got hired in a family practice at $18/hr.
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    LPNs with experience in home health make between $25-33/hour. It depends on the case. This is also in the NE.
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    Two years exp. 17.30/hr. with differentials in Central VA.
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    $15/hr in western IL with no experience.
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    Washington DC Metro Area. When I was working in private pediatric practice 23.50 in a hospital (unionized) 21.36 As a nurse case manager 29.00 an hour, Currently took a paycut to be close to home in suburbs 27.40 an hour
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    Los Angeles. Graduated May 2012. Home health for 5 months at $25 per visit. Resigned and now at a convalescent hospital at $21/hr.
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    Hospital level 3 non trauma ER LPN- $14.35/hr....

    I may get insane/awesome experience but I'm waaaay underpaid