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  1. by   ElizaW
    Quote from Fiona59
    OK, I'll update you.


    I'm union and in acute care.

    Non-union sites pay very close to this rate to be able to have staff.
    Ah union! I wish we had that south of the border. Canada is such a humane nation.
  2. by   lpn954
    In Florida the pay sucks! I was making only 16.50 per hour. Maybe because it was hospice. But even the agency that just hired me is only paying 16.00/hr.! California the pay is WAY better! At one job I was making $25/HR! Another was $21/HR plus shift differentials. I would move back there if my wife would agree.
  3. by   GoosbyLPN
    do anyone know the pay for South Fl Miami area LPN?
  4. by   gwelsh87
    if you dont mind, what company, what requirments/experiance. this is the side of nursing I really want to work in
  5. by   sharonp30
    Quote from Karl Farmer
    1985 OH plasma center, $6.15
    Till 2002 various LTC places, FL/AZ $12-$16
    2002-on AZ MDS coordinator, started at $24, ended at $27
    Last LPN job in LTC, AZ, 2997, $26 (New grad RNs are now starting there at $19, if you can believe how fast and furious wages are dropping).
    Wow!!! RN $19?
  6. by   cole804
    Quote from Nursewithswag2010
    18.54 plus 5 dollars 3-11 shift differential in Virginia.
    Clear out your inbox so I can send u a message lol
  7. by   billie_jo
    I thought Quebec was the lowest paying province?
  8. by   lululah
    Quote from KaroSnowQueen
    26 yrs experience.
    Non patient contact, insurance company claimsw reviewer.
    No weekends, no holidays, 7 am to 3:30 M-F.
    Telecommute from home.
    wow that is awesome!
    what education/ training do you need to go through in order to work in that job position?
  9. by   lululah
    Quote from EMR*LPN
    30 years as an LPN-Traveling as an EMR analyst-$55/hr-all expenses paid, no benefits.
    What is EMR by the way?
  10. by   GoosbyLPN
    I work in a small nursing home in Heflin Alabama but live in Atlanta I make $14.25 as a new grad...waiting on Ga to approve my refresher course
  11. by   countrynurse09
    In east TN DD/MR group home, Sat and Sun 15 hr shifts with full benefits: $15.45/hr. Pay and cost of living low in this area. Almost 4 years exp.
  12. by   1pinknurse
    Amazing~~~~~~ What is EMR by the way?

    EMR=Electronic Medical Record

    She is saying that she's an EMR Analyst. They also have EMR Auditors. Which could also mean the same thing.
  13. by   pinayko
    Quote from Vicky Laursen
    recent LPN pay information
    I am making 23$. I graduated 5 months ago. Sorry mistyped the other message. Phoenix AZ