What is medication test for VA hospital include

  1. New and going through the hiring process for VA hospital was advised of medication exam to be given during orientation. Does anybody know what is the medication test for the VA hosp? Does it include medications, side effects, calculations, etc. Please help. I need to know what to study and where I should start. Very anxious and worried about this test. Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   AngelaLPN08
    The test was 100 questions for us. It covered basic medication information, there were drug calculations so def. review those. Lab values were included and safe doses. We also had some critical thinking questions that were very vague. We were told they prefered a 80% on the test and I only got a 70% because of the stupid critical thinking questions on my test were not appropriate for a new LPN. The very experienced RN had difficulty with them as well. I just took this test 3 weeks ago. It was not fun but nobody held it against me.
    Good Luck
  4. by   citigrl
    Thank you for responding. Have a couple of other questions if you dont mind. Is this test a pass or fail test and will it hurt your chances of being hired? When you say safe dosages do they let us use our books or a palm or are there study guides to go by. I have no clue right now what meds to study. Also, for the labs are they looking for the basic ones sodium, creatine, calcium, uric acid, pottasium, etc..? I am a brand new LPN have not had any other job working as a LPN and I am extremely nervous about this test.
  5. by   AngelaLPN08
    This was is my 1st job too! I had already been hired, and mind you I don't think there is a "standardized test".
    It was all of the above as far as labs, mainly sodium was used in mine. We had some mini case study ones that needed safe dose and paying attention and knowing your values.
    Do they require you to take the test prior to offering you a job?
    The 1st half was great, fairly simple nursing information that almost anybody can do. It was the 2nd half that had the case studies and critical thinking that were not something a new nurse that had just graduated from school would completely understand.
    Just relax and breath, its not worse than boards!
  6. by   citigrl
    I am still in the hiring phase the lady explained to me, on the sheet she gave me it said "med exam" which is where all the worring started, it has all the phases for the hiring process and it is listed before orientation so I honestly dont know if you take it before the job is offered. I am going to get out my lab values again and medication conversions to start studying. Thank you for answering my questions it does take some of the stress off (not all but some).
  7. by   hb4hikes
    Are there any updates on this medication exam? I am applying for an acute mental health position with the VA and been out of school for sometime now. I still have my dosage calc book and a great lab reference guide but would like a heads up on areas to study. thanks
  8. by   jfk_b
    I just finished the va medication test and it was interesting.

    I am a LPN-3years and will hopefully working for the va if anything goes well

    I was supposed to get 60 questions, but I got 70 for 80 minutes.
    1-I got a lot of calculations question, pretty easy but one or two a little confusing>maybe 15-20 questions
    2-I got about 20 rx sides effects, use, pre and post administration.
    3-I got a few Rx nurse management
    4-I got the usual insulin questions, drops
    5-I got also the usual pt monitoring example r/t to c/o of fever, abd pain, hematuria
    6-I got some question about labs, creatine, K, Na, PT, Inr,

    All together this test was not easy but you will need to review the booklet that they sent you because some of the Rx given during the test were never have been seen by me.

    Good luck
  9. by   hb4hikes
    what state was this VA in?
  10. by   jfk_b
    It was in NC
  11. by   LPN38
    I have been offered a job as a clinic LPN, but not yet even given a salary, this was 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know salary ranges and how much longer this process can take! I was told by the recruiter the job is mine is all goes well. I will surely start studyn my calculations. Thanks for the heads up.I has been forever since I've had to do conversions etc. Is there anything else I need to study? If anyone can be of any help, I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. by   purple10
    wow good to know cause i applied for the va and didnt have a clue that they did a test.
  13. by   NurseLil-lea
    I didn't know they gave a test either. I am still waiting for a call for an interview (I am hoping and praying soooon). This information is definitely good to know!!
  14. by   RNmem
    I am a new LPN with no prior experience. I just started @ VA in Memphis on March 28 this year. There was no medication exam at all. I like working there. The pay is not good for a new LPN though because I have no experience in healthcare at all, but that is okay.