Warning on an LPN License.

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    Hello everyone.
    This is my first post, so I apologize if it's in the wrong section. I graduated nursing school, and became an LPN in June 2011. I started my first job at a long term care facility in July and after 15 months with no problems, I made my first mistake as a nurse and forgot to administer Colace to a patient two days in a row. Ultimately, I was fired and received a warning on my license two months ago for it. I haven't been able to get a job since, and am feeling really discouraged. Because I haven't been a nurse for that long, I also have inexperience against me. I live in a small town, and was wondering if I got licensed in a different state in the future (since it will always be on my record) if my warning from Vermont will show up on the new state's license as well? Thank-you.
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    We can't give legal advice, but it is generally known that the new state may have something to say about the restriction on your old license when you apply for another state license by reciprocity/endorsement. Your best bet is to call your new state's BoN and ask them how they would handle your request and what you should do.

    Good luck!
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    Sounds very harsh for just missing colace for 2 days! Did the patient end up with an obstruction or something due to constipation? Sounds like to me something else was going on, not necessarily something you did, maybe something someone else did and you were the scapegoat. Anyways you will have to check with your BON. But I'm sure when you apply for another state they will ask on the application if you have had any disciplinary actions against you. I have been licensed in two states and I recall being asked that, and the BONS communicate with each other when you apply. Good luck to you, and always CYA when you miss a med call the MD and let him or her know, document, and write new orders if you were given any!
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    Just curious, so I can learn. Why was the med dose missed, were you aware that it was ordered? Craigslist.com may have some LPN openings in your area. Unfortunately, job opportunities are few for most of us, so hang in there, and best wishes to you.
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    I am very surprised that you got something on your license for something as small as missing two doses of Colace. There must be more to that story.
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    Thank-you for all the feedback so far! The reason they were so harsh on me is because the LTC facility had received an IJ Tag in March of that year. They ended up having to let go of some nurse's and those of us that were left had to cover all the shifts (plus our own) until they hired more. When my DON pulled me into the office in October (a few days after my error was discovered) she told me the facility administrator could not tolerate any nurse's making mistakes as they were in enough trouble. I also did not get along with my DON's daughter, who also happened to be an LPN (very awkward!) but I really don't think that had anything to do with it.
    As for why the Colace was not given, I honestly spaced it and forgot to circle my initials in the MAR when the pt. refused to take the med. It was a mistake and I knew better, why I forgot to circle it, I have no idea...everything was so crazy with the state there.
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    But it isn't the facility that puts warnings or restrictions on your license it is your BON. Facilities can report anyone for anything, but the BON decides what if any punishment is needed.. So I still don't see why you would have anything on your license for this. Did you go before your BON?
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    A good example of why you should not depend on a nursing job for long term employment. Always have an emergency fund and stay out of debt.

    OP- did you file for unemployment?
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    You marked the MAR as administered, but the patient refused & you didn't alter your MAR to reflect that?

    Falsified documentation would be the reason for the BON to sanction/discipline you. But it is really harsh and kind of overboard, IMO.

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    There was seem something else going on here. Colace doesn't warrant that you will have BM within a day or two. In the past I have administered Colace to some pts for days and no BM and even a harsher one like miralx still no BM. Sometimes it takes movements to stimulate bowel. To me this is way too harsh and that's why I never work at the LTC again. No thank you! They will throw you in the bus first before allow you to stain their reputation.
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