1. Does anyone know how to get ventilator certified in Missouri or Kansas? I live in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri and can't find any programs in this area. I would like to start working with pediatric private duty patients that have vents, but I can't find any training programs. Help!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    I don't live in that area but on the east coast this is on the job training provided by the pediatric home care/private duty agencies for their employees based upon need. It includes general and client specific training. Mind you they only train current nurses who have demonstrated competency and reliability. Both agencies I work for will not consider a nurse for trach vent training until they have been established with the agency for at least 6 months or longer.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    My agency also provides its own training. You must have trach and g-tube experience.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    G-tube and basic pediatric care first. Then trach without ventilator training ( as per agency needs) then after demonstrated competency potential for vent training.

    As far as I know the five agencies in my area that handle pediatrics & high tech pediatrics offer their own training program. Even if you had experience elsewhere you would still have to go through the agency competency training.
  6. by   KAMARAkamara
    Okay, thanks. Apparently, it's the same way here. My agency is willing to train when they can get a class together, but I really wanted something more substantial. I've been with my agency for 10 years, so I'm well established with them. I noticed they have numerous vent training courses for nurses in California and just wondered if any were offered in my area. Here is a link to one of the courses I found.

    Ventilator Training & Pulmonary Education Classes | Los Angeles CA | American Heart Classes - CPR 3G
  7. by   SDALPN
    Try the equip companies that supply the vent. When I worked the equip side, we taught a class once a month to nurses on the most basic vent skills.