Tired of being treated like we are less than a nurse because we are not RNs!! - page 3

So I dont mean to beat this dead hoarse again. But I am getting so tierd of the RN vs LPN. Its driving me crazy.... Read More

  1. by   CNAJessi
    I totally agree with you when it comes to experience, i have worked with some RN's in my day that have a BSN but always have to go ask someone else for their expertise or they have big problems starting an IV's or any other things that they should already know. I feel that you can have all the titles in the world but if you don't have experience in the field or you are not a people person you can easily be that Nurse that everyone hates or that no one wants to work around. If you are an LPN be proud!!! If you are an RN be proud!!! If you are a CNA be proud!!! We should be proud of our accomplishments in life. I know I am. I am a CNA currently, and a pre-nursing student. I am grateful and proud of everything that I have accomplished in life no matter what people say about me.
  2. by   Fiona59
    Being able to start an IV, doesn't make you a nurse, it's just a skill. Depending on where you work, years could pass and you might never start one. The patients condition also determines the ease of the start