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So I start nursing school on sept. 4th mon-fri 8-4 and I'm really nervous and scared......I'm already stressin about finicial worries both with home and school bills...I'm on an emotional roller coaster right now both excited and... Read More

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    I start that same day too!!!!! I AM TRULY SCARED!!!!!!!!!! Pharmacoloy, fundamentals and ANP 2 with clinicals on Monday... Im scared to death!!!!!
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    hey congrats!!! yes I too have just started nursing school and im soooo nervous!!! what about bills what about grades??? my worst fear is what if im not good enough or what if i make a mistake that could cost someone their life!!! this is my second day and boy am I stressed but in a year we will look at this like I'm so happy I took the risk the chance the stress to be a nurse keep it up girli !!!
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    I was worried when I was in schooling, but I made it work. I worked part - time as a PSW in the community around my classes, and I could make my own hours of availabilty for homework/projects/exams.

    Don't get yourself worked up about anything else other than schooling, or your schooling will suffer. Always put your education first, and the rest will come along
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