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quick questions! :) please help!

  1. 0 Hi! I live in cali and I just sent in the $150 licensure fee for my license. How long does it take usually to receive it? I mailed it in on feb.27. With it I also added a change of address...
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    I just always use my credit card and get it back within an a few hours at most.
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    OP has never been licensed before and is dealing with the CA BVNPT, and unfortunately, they still operate by way of snail mail. It will take a few weeks before you are issued your LVN license number. Once the slow folks at the BVNPT cash the $150 check, they will grant you a license number. The license number will appear online approximately one to two weeks before you receive your wallet-sized license in the mail.
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    Wow once I passed my NCLEX my license number was posted online within a day or so. My state no longer sends us license cards to carry around in our wallets
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    Doesn't matter. It can be verified online by anyone who wants to know.