Put in my notice cna got me let go.

  1. I was working in a LTC I put my notice because my DON was always yelling at me for things others did. I was working this weekend and things were fine. I came to work today pulled into the office at 6am. They asked me about my phone conversations and I said they were all fine nothing bad. They then told me that they were told. By staff that some were very unprofessional. From there they said they were considering this as my resignation. They told me to leave. One can the do that and do will I get my pto paid out I gave notice they just did not want me there any more. Help!!!
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  3. by   JulieVN:)
    I heard in some states if you put in your two weeks notice and they let you go they have to pay you for the two weeks.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    If management no longer wants you around, consider it a blessing. After all, you put in your notice of resignation, so there must be a reason you no longer want to work there.

    The DON was not too fond of you, based on your description. Also, some of the CNAs apparently disliked you if they're reporting your phone calls. Why would you request help in a situation like this? You were already on your way out the door.

    Unfortunately, in many states you can be asked to leave immediately if you submit a notice of resignation. I would learn from this experience and move on. Good luck to you.
  5. by   elkpark
    When you submit a resignation with X number of weeks of notice, there is always the chance that you will be told that that's not really necessary, you can just leave now (which is usually a pretty strong message that they're glad to see you go). I'm not sure about the PTO -- I would think your best bet is to ask your HR department/person about that.