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  1. 0 I had an interview for a job in a nursing home. Now I have to go in for a pre employment testing. I am an lpn. I'm not sure what to expect. Any ideas?
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    What type of pre-employment testing? Is this the urine drug screen that most healthcare facilities perform prior to finalizing your job offer?

    I've worked in multiple nursing homes and have not had to take any 'written' tests prior to working at any of the places.
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    I'm not sure. At first I thought it was just the drug test. But she said it would take a couple of hours. So I think it might be something more.
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    I think they called it pre employment process.
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    I am surprised, my first job application I had to take a written exam. Half geriatrics and half pediatrics. Excuse my typos and such on my iPad 2
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    for our pre employment screening we do your Drug Test, Criminal Background check, Tax Paperwork, and copies of all your ID's and stuff. We do have a test of geriatrics, but it is not a determining factor for hiring, and it's super simple..

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