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Hi! I will be graduating from an LVN program in August of this year! My fellow classmates and I have been speculating about how our job hunt will go. I personally am interested in dialysis... Read More

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    Quote from teecee
    it took me almost one month to find a job. I went for a couple interviews and they all wanted a nurse wt experience already. But i just got hired and they agreed to train me. start rate $23.50 which is awesome for a new grad!

    If I may ask, are you in Texas? or where are you from?
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    I graduated in Feb. and had two job offers in March. Accepted one at an assisting living community making $21/hr.
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    Quote from texasjmn
    If I may ask, are you in Texas? or where are you from?
    am in de east detroit michigan side.
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    Just updating an old post. I'm a new grad in Houston and was wondering if anybody had any new input on the subject. I have been looking, but the job market for LVNs has definitely taken a hit. I take my NCLEX August, 23rd. !
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    Quote from texasjmn
    Well, I can't work at the hospital I currently am employed at. They do not hire LVNs. So I am officially out of a job in August
    You wouldn't want to stay of course, but you could continue your CNA job until you find an LVN job.

    You can work below your license - an LVN can do CNA work. But they are employed as a CNA and cannot do LVN work unless it's a medical emergency - then you work at your highest level.

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