New LPN and just got my first job!!! Terrified.... New LPN and just got my first job!!! Terrified.... | allnurses

New LPN and just got my first job!!! Terrified....

  1. 0 So I graduated August 30, took my NCLEX by September 17th and FINALLY got my first LPN job here in Tucson, AZ.

    I got a job at a Skilled Nursing Facility and will have 30 patients to do med pass for. I have to admit that I am Terrified!!!! I know that I will get training (Not sure how much yet) and that everyone starts off as a new Nurse at some point in their life. I just really do not want to make a fool of myself.

    Any advice on what to expect and things to do when first starting out as a LPN?!
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    Just remember that you are human. As a new nurse you are harder on yourself than anyone else. Make lists if you need to. Remember the Rights and start over if you need to. Good luck!
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    Never be scared of asking a question, use your resources and when you have to call a doctor have ALL your information. I have been a nurse for 21 years and you learn something new everyday. Remember you have chosen one of the most rewarding careers, I love being a nurse. There will be bad days but the good days will out way them. Good luck to you
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    I am in the same boat....Passed NCLEX a week ago..Got hired at my place of employment ( where i have been an STNA) for a few years. I have had two days of training so far...There is so much to learn and so much responsibility!! I keep telling myself, it will come easier with time!!
    Best of luck to you on your new journey!!
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    Congrtulations!! I'm was just hired for my first LPN job today, too!!
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    I am in the same boat. I just got hired to my first LVN position and pretty nervous. But I am pretty sure that the training you receive like mine will be for a week or two at least. I doubt they will toss you into the fire with minimal training. Hospitals out here in California give about 3 months of training before they let you to work on your own. Congrats on the job and best of luck too you.
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    yep. it is only at first that you feel nervous and all.. as time goes by, everything would become a routine then
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    Nobody knew it all the first day! If you need help, ask for help! It's normal to be nervous with any new job. I got my LPN in '08, and am starting a new job assignment tomorrow. Any time I start a new job I get nervous! lol My first LPN job was at a nursing home. It was understaffed and poorly managed. I got overwhelmed and quit after two or three shifts. I wish I had asked more questions, and stuck it out. My advice is give it a few weeks at least if you are overwhelmed the first couple of days...