New job , feeling overwhemed, need some support

  1. Hello all, just started a new position on a med surg floor, two months ago, and it's my first nursing job. I know I need to give my self some time, , but when when the feeling of being overwhelmed not whether heavy on my mind..
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  3. by   froggy8
    almost in the same position as me: i got minimal experience and started new job recently. OVERWHELMED. falling asleep on the way home! a walking zombie.

    you know what i did one day to destress??? I painted my nails (which i hardly do anymore)

    *TRY to do something you enjoy when you get home... TRY to relax... rant to someone about your day. It can only get better!
  4. by   froggy8
    at least it BETTER get better.
  5. by   tbehlow

    Thank you for understanding , I appreciate that.. I don't know how you feel, but I'm feel so unsure of myself most of the time, and I always ask my RN for help, I feel nursing school did nothing to prepare me for the real world of nursing. I wish nursing school was like it was back in the day.. More hands on and less theory, at least that what the older nurses who have been I nursing for over 20 plus years tell me that is how they were trained . In the hospital every day all day..!
  6. by   1pinknurse
    I started working in an surgery setting last Oct & it was my 1st hospital job. Although I've had experience with patients, I was overwhelmed! Give yourself a break, learn as much as you can & ask lots of questions. I can assure you that it does get better with time. I have learned so much & I feel that I am learning each day. Also, keep in mind how many nurses would love to have our jobs. As an LVN/LPN a hospital job is very hard to come by. So appreciate where you are. ☺
  7. by   EMMIESMOM
    I totally understand how you feel, I work midnights by myself and I'm responsible for over 60 patients. There are times between doing a med pass and trying to take care of everything else that comes up that I am so overwhelmed. I guess I just keep trying to learn, but there are still so many things I don't even have a clue on how the procedures are supposed to day at a time I keep telling myself
  8. by   jasilady
    I feel the same way.. I'm a new LPN I work in a SNF and rehab and I feel so overwhelm but I'm not going to quit I'm going to stick it out because it is a learning experience.. But man I'm so overwhelmed I cried.. To my mother today because I don't want to quit I know that anywhere I go I will feel this way...

    Have to find something that works for me..

  9. by   tbehlow
    Thank you to all who replied.. It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone with how I'm feeling.. I have been taking it it one step at a time and one day at a time.
  10. by   laydiebuug
    What you feel is totally normal when I left school I was very frustrated I ended up in Pediatrics and we learned absolutly squat about pediatrics!! I ended up with a great group of doctors and nurses who were used to teaching and I learned so much. I also keep up with the nurse magazines and refer back to my books from school from time to time. It will get better, keep asking questions! I am now a Nurse Case Manager and am learning a new job all over. The great thing about the medical field is it keeps changing and you never know it all. Keep an open mind and do find something to help you de-stress after work. I still have books that I live by on my desk at work.
  11. by   tbehlow

    Awesome post and thank you so much for your I said in previous posts , I know I'm too hard on my self, and have to given self more time.
  12. by   bubbly79
    Hang in there. I hope you feel better and find good coping strategies that work for you. There's nothing that a nap or a stroll through somewhere scenic can't cure.