New Job as an Intake Nurse?

  1. i recently applied for a job as an intake nurse (lpn) with a local home health and hospice facility. i've had experience as a home health nurse (lpn), ltc and school nursing. i applied because the hours are great - monday through friday, no nights weekends or holidays. i'll be home every night to make dinner and help with homework. i'll also have more time to work on my rn online classes.
    how do you make a transition from bedside care to doing a job that requires no direct patient care. i'm interested in hearing from someone else that has left bedside care to pursue a nursing career without direct patient contact. any regrets? any advice?
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  3. by   speedyG
    Good luck with the job. The hours sound great. Hopefully the pay is decent. We're always nervous about something what with the what if's. Enjoy time with the family. You'll do fine.
  4. by   Butterflybee
    Good luck, hope you get the position!
  5. by   NurseCrissie

    Did you end up landing this job? I had my third interview for a similar position and wondered if you could shed some light on your role as intake nurse. I am also attracted by the hours and stability of the job.


  6. by   ChristinP
    I had three interviews and the job went to someone who had been an intake nurse previously. This job was with a large homecare agency.

    In Connecticut you must have a licensed nurse take all referals/intakes. Honestly what this company wanted of their intake nurses was an insult to my license there was no nursing involved. I was told to take the potential patients name, address, get a diagnosis and get it to the primary care nurse who will determine what type services the patient will need. I was told "We do not want you talking too long get the info you need and move on to the next call".

    I would have taken the job to have the extra income I need but, I would have continued looking for other jobs. LOL the little headset required would have driven me batty!
  7. by   kellenl
    I worked for an insurance company as an Intake/Precert Nurse. 35 hours a week. No wekekends or call and loved it. Starting paty was $28.80 an hour in Tennessee.