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I have a job and it pays well. The bad thing is my job is very stressful. I hate calling doctors and so much documentation. Nursing is very stressful it would take me a long time writing everything that has me stressed the... Read More

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    Quote from nursetweety
    What kind of job were you doing before?
    Online business with 0 stress

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    Quote from CYoungLPN
    I'm VERY new also but I'm also a very low stress type of person...I refuse to stress about things I have no control over & not knowing alllll of the ridiculous paperwork that goes along with my job is nothing I can help...I do the best I can if I miss something they know where to find me I feel like if they want me to know EVERY single form to fill out for a fall for example...they need to put a lil packet together and put it in a certain spot & when a fall occurs boom! There it is but it's not like that it's alll very trial & error which is fine that's how ppl learn like I've only had to admit 1 resident and I've worked for about a month...if I had to do another new admit I wouldn't remember all of the steps I wouldn't remember half they know I'm new but I refuse to stress myself about it I know ill get it down

    I recently switched from 7-3 to 11p-7a it's super laid back u should maybe look into trying to get that shift
    Where I work they only offer 12 hour shifts. Wow 7 to 3 would be so great for me!!. After 3 I would have time to relax and take care of my online business.
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    What made you leave the at home job you had?
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    Question, are you on a rehab/short term unit? long term/ dementia units are usually alot less stressful.
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    Quote from KRODD
    Question, are you on a rehab/short term unit? long term/ dementia units are usually alot less stressful.
    The OP is employed at a freestanding rehabilitation hospital, not a nursing home, LTC center, or SNF.
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    Quote from NursingBro
    Today the DON said she received many excellent compliments from several patients and their family's. That made me feel great!

    What makes me stressed is when we have to do orders for new admissions. I am still very new and don't know all of the documentation. Today we got a new patient from home so I didn't know anything about the patient. You have to ask them what their diagnosis is, medical history and so many other documentation.

    The other stress I have is talking to doctors and bothering them on the phone. So many other little things that make me stressed. I am a very calm guy that has worked in a stress free environment for so many years. So I am new to all of this stress.
    Seriously, don't stress over this! You will learn the documentation, it takes time to get through all those orders. And, as for calling the docs.....that is their job. Yours, too. And, you will hear this forever and ever and is your license. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS CYA. Call, call, call. Never don't call because you are going to "bother" the doc. If they are bothered, perhaps they should find a new career field.
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    try a job change before you give doctors private offices. much less work because its a slower pace, you also become close to the doctor so then you wouldn't feel anxiety when you have to talk to them...
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    overnight shifts are much easier... i am also a new nurse and am feeling the EXACT same way you are... thinking if this is for me

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