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  1. 0 Where can I get malpractice insurance in California? Do you have to be employed in order to buy the insurance? I'm a new nurse, not yet employed, but would like to have that extra insurance to protect myself but I am unsure of where to get it and if its even possible to get it without having a job. Please help shine some light.
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    #1 0 I just purchased some when I found out I got the job I applied for...but there are a few threads about this floating around allnurses so try doin a search & I think u can purchase it unemployed but research the NSO site
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    You do not need to be currently employed before purchasing your own liability insurance policy. There are two major companies that offer it:

    Nurses Service Organization (NSO): Professional Liability Insurance for nurses, nursing medical malpractice.

    Proliability: - Professional Liability Insurance

    In addition, many nurses who own their homes have purchased professional liability insurance as a rider on their homeowner's insurance policies.
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    Will they covered me if I have more than one jobs? Because they only asked about your primary job. I want to be covered for my fulltime job and my prn job. Thanks
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    Thank you! I will look into those.