LVN Scope of Practice in Texas

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    Does anyone know the LVN scope of practice for the state of Texas? I've been searching the BNE website, and I have yet to find a place where certain tasks are clearly defined as yes or no.

    I know that LVNs cannot administer blood products, but what else?

    Also, if anyone has the URL to the specific place on the BNE website that spells out the scope of practice, that would be great also.

    I've also posted this in the Texas forum.

    Thanks in advance

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    Does this have what you're looking for? Search "LVN scope" on the BNE site.
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    In California each patient admitted to an acute care hospital must be assigned a registered nurse who is responsible for nursing care. In our codes "present and available" is required for clinical supervision. The last link is to the Texas codes.
    Sec. 301.353. Supervision of Vocational Nurse.

    The practice of vocational nursing must be performed under the supervision of a registered nurse, physician, physician assistant, podiatrist, or dentist.

    “Vocational nursing” means a directed scope of nursing practice, including the performance of an act that requires specialized judgment and skill, the proper performance of which is based on knowledge and application of the principles of biological, physical, and social science as acquired by a completed course in an approved school of vocational nursing. The term does not include acts of medical diagnosis or the prescription of therapeutic or corrective measures. Vocational nursing involves:
    (A) collecting data and performing focused nursing assessments of the health status of an individual;
    (B) participating in the planning of the nursing care needs of an individual;
    (C) participating in the development and modification of the nursing care plan;
    (D) participating in health teaching and counseling to promote, attain, and maintain the optimum health level of an individual;
    (E) assisting in the evaluation of an individual’s response to a nursing intervention and the identification of an individual’s needs; and
    (F) engaging in other acts that require education and training, as prescribed by board rules and policies, commensurate with the nurse’s experience, continuing education, and demonstrated competency
    Texas DHS -
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    Texas does not have a list of defined tasks permitted under scope of practice. They have what is considered a permissive type of nursing practice act. Blood product administration is permitted as long as education regarding procedure has occured, following a defined policy and procedure and permitted by institution.
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    I need to read that information but I can't get on site with a username or password. Where do I get them from? Thanks

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