LTC facility, can an LPN adjust TPN? - page 3

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I am in the great state of Florida. I am an LPN in a LTC facility. I have a new TPN pt. I work 11p-7a. His orders are at 6p to run at 100ml/hr for 1 hr, then adjust to for 10 hrs, then 100 ml/hr for 1 hr, then it comes... Read More

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    I know at the facility where I work in PA, there are TPN patients that are temporary rehab patients in the subacute rehab section. I am an RN now, but as an LPN student, I was taught LPN's were to have nothing to do with anything entering a central line. I know some LPNs at our facility were doing the TPN. I told them to call me or another RN to take care of it.
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