Are LPN's being phased out? - page 24

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I know people have been saying for years that everyone would need a BSN and LPN's would be a thing of the past, etc. Well, so far, where I work (a large, magnet hospital) there are still many, many nurses without a BSN -but there... Read More

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    I have been an LPN for 4 years and i have heard the same rumor. My opinion is that there is a shortage of nurses, i don't think they would phase out anybody. Here in Tampa they started to replaced RN with LPN for budget reason. Lpn are not going anywhere.
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    The hospital I work at now doesn't hire LPNs anymore. We have a few LPNs working on the med-surg units and a few in the ER, but that's about it. A hospital I used to work at used to have a lot of LPNs but most of them got laid off :/
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    St Lukes in Houston med. center tried that abt 10yrs ago, it's back to RN/LVN equal portions.