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I know people have been saying for years that everyone would need a BSN and LPN's would be a thing of the past, etc. Well, so far, where I work (a large, magnet hospital) there are still many, many nurses without a BSN -but there... Read More

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    putting my 2 cents worth in, here in tennessee lpns are still working in all healthcare facilities including hospitals. on med surg specifically there are on average 4 lpns, 2 rns, and 4 cnas on a 25 patient floor/wing. as far as wages, in this area lpns can make anywhere from $11-20/hour depending on where they work. hospitals usually are in the median. highest paying jobs are in agencies. for this rural area, that is good money.
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    thats fine if you dont mind moving. Not always an option for some
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    just gonna say our hospital worked best on Med-Surg w/ 2RN 4 LPNs and 2 CNA
    everyone worked in their scope of practice and no one ever left overwhelmed.
    RNs did admissions, reviewed all labs and handled all the problems that required
    calling Drs. They would meet with ea Pt and review the care for the day.
    LPNs would pass meds, dressings,IVs,FS,-write notes
    CNA would get the VS and do care ( we all helped the CNAs as they ea had
    12-15 on there assignment-but the RNS helped them the most). We never
    had issues such as RNs thought they were better or LPN felt RNs did not
    think they were real nurses or CNA felt they were slaves. It's easy to work
    on a team when the roles are CLEAR
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    AND......a lot of RN's have diplomas.That's not a degree. I agree LPNs are being hired less and less in hospitals, BUT outside of hospitals they are very much in demand. I know of plenty of places that don't hire RN's but simply have 1 or 2 on staff for initial assessments and all the other nurses are LPN's. LPN's can do a lot more such as IV and MED ADMIN. Many ppl are confused by this phasing out LPN me its only in the hospital..and whats funny about that is in my area hospitals are bringing LPNs back. because they can do 95 percent the same job. boy we have jealous RN's.why cant we all be a team. If i would have known nursing was like this i would have never went in to it. all it is is who's better than who....Instead of what many nurses lose site of.....quality effective patient care..?Hmmm i think that's what we should be doing rather than bickering. I know of some RN's and LPN's that are so good at there jobs and work very well never hear them fighting about credentials. They have told me "a nurse is a nurse", were here for the patient. why most nurses aren't like this i don't know.but its a down right shame.
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    Well, I have to say I've seen us being phased out first hand! I know there are tons of LPN jobs out there, but it seems that MA's are starting to replace us in clinic settings. I actually just gave my two weeks notice and resigned from my current LPN job due to this trend. I have nothing against MA's. I think they are a great part of the medical community, and have met some very smart ones. I have even been taught some things by them. But I have just had a bad experience recently with this trend.

    I thought my current job would be a dream job, but it turned out to be a nightmare! I have only been an LPN a few years, and haven't worked much, to be home with my kids. I was excited to go back to work & when I got hired for this job. I work in a clinic setting. I have only been there a few months. When I started the job, I worked with another LPN. We were the only two LPN's working there with two other doctors. That LPN was a wonderful nurse, very smart, & helped train me. That LPN retired, and a MA was hired in their place.

    This was the new MA's first MA job, & they obviously didn't have much hands on training. One day after the MA was hired, a doctor gave the MA an order to draw up a medication. The MA didn't even know how to draw it up, & asked me how. This concerned me, considering we give a lot of injections at our clinic. About a month after the MA was hired, the doctors hired on two more LPN's. These were two excellent LPNs with 15 years LPN experience each. The MA is a quick learner. However, the MA is young, and doesn't have much experience, other than what they've learned in our clinic. This MA is very manipulative & always makes themself out to be a victim in front of the doctors. They are always making themself out to be so innocent & helpful. Whenever the doctors aren't around the MA tries to give us LPNs orders, and is always causing strife amongst us. I have watched the doctors treat this MA like a nurse practitioner, and us LPNs like maids. I feel like all of us LPNs have been treated unfairly. We have worked our butts off there, done everything the doctors have told us, and have been talked down to on a regular basis.

    I was getting sick of our treatment, so I decided to give notice recently. I decided to leave the job, & take some time off with my family through the summer. After I gave my notice, the other LPNs were called in to one of the doctor's private office and told that the MA would "lead the clinic team." They were shocked! This MA only has about 2 1/2 mos. experience from our clinic. These LPNs have 15 years experience each! They were told the MA was very smart, & a quick learner. Therefore, the MA should lead the team. If they had any concerns about something in the clinic, they would need to go to the MA and the message would be relayed to the doctors. We all thought this was insane, considering this young MA has basically no experience. Both LPNs have years of experience, and have worked in many different nursing settings. One of the LPNs just quit yesterday after such treatment. The other LPN that is left has decided to leave soon as well. I guess this is one example of why I feel we are being phased out. It's like many places don't even see the word "nurse" in practical nurse anymore...
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    I have been am LPN for 22 years and have served in the US Army as a nurse. I was training our new RN's that outranked me. I became an instructor for the Army. There were combat medics that ran circles around all of us. I am back in school to obtain my RN as my dream has always been FNP. I just still get a little hot under the collar at the implication that because we are LPN's we do not know healthcare. I can understand the resentment but, trust me, none of us want to have you run behind us, either. We still deserve respect.
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    LPNs aren't being phased out exactly, but we are being "pushed" out of some fields. As someone mentioned clinics and doctors offices are hiring more and more MAs at joke wages. LPNs can still find jobs there, but we make MA wages now, so what's the point? The flood of MAs are pushing wages down.

    And even in LTC, we are facing competition. New grad RNs are breeding like rabbits. There aren't enough hospital jobs for all of them and there's a surplus. They're taking any job they can get. That includes pushing a med cart, the traditional stronghold of the LPN. People on these boards have said more RNs are working the floor of LTC because the acuity is higher and the facility "needs" RNs. Horsepucky! They are hiring RNs because in this economy they can pay them LPN wages to do LPN level work. I think the biggest threat in coming years to the LPN will be desperate RN grads who are willing to work below their license and below their pay grade.
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    I run into the odd new grad RN working the LVN role and I have to say it becomes problematic especially as they want to let me know their title and then try and complicate the job by trying to bring it up to what they perceive to be their level. My job isn't that technical uses just a handful of formulary meds but its very hands on pratical nursing, you need a lot of empathy, good people skills and good family teaching and support. They want to focus on the skills and meds only. All that "extra" knowledge doesn't equal a higher level of care especially if the role was designed to be a practical nurse role.
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    Exactly. I have nothing against RNs taking practical nurse level jobs. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills. But let's be honest about what it is. It's all about the economy and about employers being only to happy to hire a RN at LPN pay rate. I mean, are we *really* supposed to believe that being a floor nurse in LTC or being a med nurse in a methadone clinic is suddenly too "high acuity" for a LPN?
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    Yup and a desperate RN who needs some experience to grow into her role is more exploitable than a more experienced practical nurse. The line "well your a RN I thought you could handle XYZ" can be used in so many situations. To quote a George Lopez skit "Your the team leader your supposed to know!"
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