LPN with Bachelors degree Health care Admin/Mgt

  1. Hello,
    I have been an LPN for 17 years and i will complete my Bachelors degree Health care Administration in March 2013. I want to know if there are any other LPN's out there who have taken this route or a similar route and what was your experience.

    I have worked on the RN route for many years without any success so i decided maybe that is not for me and decided to move on. I may give it a try again later in life.

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  3. by   WldChrry
    I am also an LPN and will complete a Bachelors degree in Health Science next year. I don't know what opportunities this will open up for me, but I wish you luck!
  4. by   renge1
    Hi WldChrry, in my search i found this info:
    Office Management
    Clinical Manager
    Health Information Manager
    Nursing Home Administrator
    Department Manager
    Medical and Health Services Manager
    Administrative Assistant

    in your monster.com or indeed.com type in: Medical and Health Services Manager

    I have a friend who obtained the same degree and she states this is correct info and the jobs are out there

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  5. by   brown eyed girl
    My close coworker is getting ready to graduate in about 2 weeks with a degree in healthcare administration. Im soooo happy for her as if it were me! She said she'll deal with getting her RN (if ever) after she finishes her masters! I say GO FOR IT HONEY! Best wishes to you!
  6. by   akanini
    I've heard of one person who decided to go this route. I lost contact with her. I don't know if the jobs are even here in NY. Best of luck to you!
  7. by   pturtle71
    What school did you attend for the BA Healthcare Administration?
  8. by   gmalauulu
    I too have been doing some reseach on this and wondered what kind of jobs would be available. I'm wanting to enter the office/business side of nursing, I'm no longer wanting to do patient care but I'm not sure what would be the best route for this? Also, what school did you attend and how much was the program? Some online programs are ridiciously priced. Any and all info is appreciated.
  9. by   Arstone22
    Hi renge1! I was wondering where you were at with your transition from LPN to healthcare administration journey?