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My brother just finished up his LPN school a few months ago, he got hired here in the metro detroit area in MI for $26.50 starting. I am attending the same school he went to, I am half way done and... Read More

  1. by   NamasteNurse
    Quote from caliotter3
    You will be hard pressed to find that kind of salary elsewhere.

    I live in NY, not in the city, but upstate and as far as I know from looking for jobs, that's the going rate in these parts. about 25-26 /hr with differentials up to 35 for overnights.
  2. by   NamasteNurse
    Quote from Keenay99
    I sent this message already, I am rename it to see if I can find somebody to help me. I am in NY now looking for a job, I am living in Brooklyn. Anyone has any idea where they are hiring now, I won't mind working in Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island area too. Or in Pennsylvania, somebody told me there are a lot of jobs down there. Any advice will be appreciated. I really need a job. I am an LPN.
    Should be pretty easy in that area, also check into northern NJ. Go to regionalhelpwanted.com and click on your area.
  3. by   *guest*
    you guys, it's in detroit! it may not even be that the facility is awful.....detroit ain't exactly candyland.

    to the op- go you! i hope it turns out well.
  4. by   kayakgirl58
    In what area is your brother working? LTC? What are the requirements for your boards. I am a Canadian, have just completed my LPN in Florida and have found I cannot write the florida boards because I do not have an american social. I can get one when I get a job..... that makes no sense, because I have to be licensed to apply for a job ????? (on a visa - changing it from school to working).
    I wish you best of luck in completing your program.
  5. by   LadyBugLPN
    I've heard of a few places in MI that start around that rate...but not many. Do you mind me asking where? I'm a new LPN in MI and currently looking in the Detroit area. Just started the job hunt, haven't even applied anywhere yet! PM me if you don't want to post it. Thanks!
  6. by   alapon77
    Sounds great if you can endure living in DETROIT. There's always a trade off.
  7. by   saskenn
    Ok I tried to keep quiet, but for all of those that keep stating that this job is in Detroit, so it must not be too good, obviously didn't read the OP. She said the Metro-Detroit area. Which could be Detroit or the surronding suburbs. I am from Detroit an LPN student and work in a LTC facility. The area hospitals don't pay LPN's much however alot of the LTC's do. Don't be so stereotypical of an area that you may not know much about. All large cities have their good and the bad, so stating that it's "DETROIT" as though that's something that's sooo awwful and very ill-informed of those that are looking their noses down at this city, who they obiviously don't know much about. It's a very diverse dynamic city to live in and around with great people and culture.
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  8. by   alapon77
    Yeah, you're probably right. I was just bored at the time and felt like 'dis'sing a major metropolitan area from the midwest.:spin: No hard feelings?
  9. by   saskenn
    None taken, I just hate that our city get's such a bad rap, and there are really good hard working people here. The media can be so one-sided. Many visit the area and are pleasantly suprised that the "D" is acutally pretty nice.
  10. by   EverNurseRN
    I work LTC in central Indiana..$28/hr with benefits...3 yrs exp...and the company/facility is amazing..i loooove my job!!
  11. by   LPN4hire
    hmmm im making 21.00 in north jersey for an agency with no benifits I must be nuts!
  12. by   spanishchik

    Just curious where you work? I am looking for work in a LTC here in Indy.
  13. by   Bobylon
    When I met my wife (whitewater rafting for 8 days 7 nights through the Grand Canyon), she lived in suburban Detroit...... I mad many flights out tosee her before moving there, and whilst we were doing our long distance romance thang, she slipped a t-shirt into my carry-on which read "I'm so BAD I VACATION IN DETROIT !!!"
    At that time, I was living in suburban Philly, and, beings as everyone thought the worst of The Motor City, the shirt was a big hitwhenever/wherever I wore it...LOL. We've since moved south, but Detroit is just another big American city, for better and for worse. Suburbs are suburbs....... My only gripe with living in the Metro Detroit area was that winters were insufferably long and dreary .... who feels like shoveling 12" of snow to get your cars out of the driveway, only to come home to find a wall of frozen street snow having been plowed back up into your driveway after the streets got plowed (this was a suburb thang - I don't thini Detroit had the $$$ to plow all their sidestreets, just the main thoroughfares...). Not to mention that Detroit apparently sits atop a major salt mine, so salt is cheap and HEAVILY used on the roads..... I must say - life in Tennessee is far more agreeable - pay rates are lower, but so is the cost of living, and the weather is a LOT nicer