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I graduated earlier this year, (March), could not find a GPN job. Got my license a month ago and still no luck. I have applied everywhere, nursing homes, hospitals, Dr offices. I feel like I wasted a year of my life. I quit my... Read More

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    Quote from VM85
    I was just sayin this to a friend last night- i feel like i put myself in debt and wasted a year. I am so stressed out because I have no job, a young child and no money. These are tough times. Ive gotten to the point where I am now just gonna take a step back and reevaluate what I am gonna do- desperate times call for desperate measures. There are plenty of jobs around here for LPN's, but you need experience! So affter applying to over a hundred jobs and only 1 call back(did them online, most of them had no contact info- said theyd contact you if you fit their requirements) I am just gonna take a break, because I am beginning to lose my sanity over it. So I am now applying to jobs at department stores- I cant work as a CNA to get my foot in the door because I wasnt a CNA prior to school and cant take another 8 weeks taking a course then payin for a test to get a job. Its tough out there adn I feel like such a failure as most of the people in my class I graduated with have jobs already and some have started school for their LPN to RN- which I wanted to do but figured i would take the semester off so i could start working and get as many hours in to pay off soem bills- Had i known i wouldnt have been employed i wouldve just started school in september. This is an awful situation adn I feel for you! Do what you have to do to provide for your family, cuz once the bills start rolling in they pile up quick, and youll never get ahead. You can always look for per diem LPN positions if you do have your old job adn just work as a nurse to get some experience, then hopefully it will open some doors down the road. Good luck to you!
    Hey! Not sure what your situation is currently... It has been a few months. I hope you have found a job by now!!

    If not, I wanted to tell you that you may be eligible to sit for the CNA exam. Call where you went for your LPN program. My school told us that once we finish our first level (There are three), we are eligible to sit for the exam. I plan to do it so I can work part-time (weekends) while I finish LPN school so I can have some kind of health care experience to put on my resume when I'm ready to apply for LPN jobs. It will give em the year of "related" experience most job offers require.

    I hope that helps out a little bit!! Hopefully you have a job and this doesn't even matter anymore .


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    Hi, sorry that you feel the way you do about your career. Mind to ask, which location you are in? Possibly if we know, we can give you some assistance in where to go and apply. When you enter a career in nursing, which is very difficult, stressful but also rewarding you never feel it was a waste of time. Whatever you invest in your education is not lost, advance in your career ladder for personal/professional growth its not a waste. Things are difficult everywhere but dont loose faith and hope. God's willing you will find a good job that will afford you to pay on time your bills. Keep in touch, let us know how things are.


    Piry (NJ/FL)
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    Quote from suanna
    I'm convinced that the recruiters for LPN schools have a special place in predition for thier eternal black souls. In todays market RN with BSN new grads are having trouble finding full time jobs. LPNs new grads- forget about it. Sorry to hear you were taken for a ride. I'm not putting down anyone who is a practicing LPN and feels satisfied with thier choice- good for you!. The options for a new LPN in the current market and the near future are slim and none. They should have made that clear before you started school- but how would they ever get tuitions paid if they were honest?! You might look into a local community col to see if any of your training could carry over into an RN education. ADN or BSN, there are schools that offer LPN to RN programs. It would put your student loans on hold until you graduated with your RN, and you would be no worse off week to week than you are now. Without a doubt, you would have a bigger overall loan debt when you got out of RN training, but you would be more likely to find a job!
    Its nothing wrong with becoming an LPN, it just depends on where you work. I know a few LPN's right out ofschool here in Chicago found work with weeks. The bigger cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Phildephia, has a big demand for LPN's and RN's. Dont be discouraged. My mother an RN, moved from the suburbs in Michigan(right outside of Detroit) back to Chicago once she finished school, and found a job right away(approximately 11 days), and after working there for less than a month, acquired another job as a Wound Care Coordinator with her own office and supervising staff(RIGHT OUT OF SCHOOL). THere are a need for both LPN and RN's. THe thing with LPN's is that right out of school, you are mostly limited to LTC in a Nursing home, as this is where most LPN's reside(beside care). RN's have a better chance getting in Hospitals than LPN's because they have more skills and knowledge. BEST ADVICE: MAYBE YOU NEED TO RELOCATE TO A TOWN WHERE NURSING IS MORE IN DEMAND. Trust me it is worth it. My mom never looks back and im on my way to entering an RN program at a CIty college in chicago. Don't give up and best wishes.
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    Quote from labvampire
    I agree with the second post, it has to be your area. I would expand my search and consider moving. Secondly, by your post, did you go through class because of the love for nursing or because of money? If you wanted to be a nurse, endure all those classes and clinicals, sweat during the state exam, pass, then want to go back to your old job? Job opportunities don't come looking for you, you have to go get them. I think you should take a deep breath, blow it out, and really think this through. Prioritize. Make a list of pros and cons about being a nurse vs your old job. You have children, this effects them also. I understand you are frustrated. You will be frustrated alot as a nurse but you can't give up or quit. If you can endure nursing school, you are a strong and outgoing person. Believe in yourself, buck up, and go forward!

    money pays bills, not the love of nursing. its great to love your work, but at the end of the day we all need to be making money to survive. I would love to get a job as a nurse as that is what I chose to do, but because I cannot get a job as a nurse, and must make money to survive, I am forced to work a job that is not nurse related at all.
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    Am sorry to hear your situation however its not a waste of time because right now your a license practical nurse... you say you work as CnA... can you convince the facility to hired on part time Lpn? if given a chance to work as part time, show them your capable of doing job LPN - Good luck to you.
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    First of all, education is NEVER a waste. Obviously you got through school, passed the boards--You are smart, resourceful and determined!

    Apply everywhere again, but this time go for Per Diem or go to a nursing agency. They are ALWAYS looking for people to fill in for nurses who call in sick, are on vacation and so on, and those positions generally pay more than staff nurse!

    Come on don't give up--think outside the box.

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