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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of the other possibilities for an... Read More

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    Does any one know where you can get an IV tech cert in Southwest Ohio? I am an LPN student at a school that doesn't offer it.

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    Try checking your local Community College by calling the Nursing Program. They will often have courses or certification available for a reasonable cost.
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    what does pals, nrp stands for
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    Are lvn's able to take the ACLS, PALS, NRP certs???? What about TNCC? I want to eventually do peds, but after school I wanna get some additional certifications beyond regular nursing school. I enjoy planning ahead after school and want to know which certifications lvn's are able to obtain. If anyone took these courses how hard were they? I used to be an emt-I and took a pals pre test and got an 80% .

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    Hello and welcome to allnurses.com

    Good to have you with us.

    I moved your post to this thread for continuity: LPN/LVN Additional Certifications

    To answer your question; yes, the LPN can take ACLS, PALS, NRP.

    About TNCC:
    The TNCC may officially be attended by registered nurses (RNs). Other health care providers may attend the course as observers.
    ENA Emergency Nurses Association
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    Quote from sosweet07
    what does pals, nrp stands for

    "Neonatal Resuscitation Program" & "Pediatric Advanced Life Support"
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    Wow - Okay I just found this thread and hoping that someone is still checking. I was looking at all the links on the first page about all the different certifications that an LPN can get. I'm interested in L&D, but don't have enough money or time to go back to get my RN and then move on from there - so I was thinking about getting certification about L&D - now does this give me an edge on getting a job in L&D either at a hospital or OB clinic even though I have no experience. If I do one or some of these certifications I'd like to choose the ones that would help me out getting a job that I love. I also saw the breastfeeding one and would like to that one in conjunction with the L&D. Just wondering how much this would affect me getting a job even though I haven't been able to get into that area to work.
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    I am located in California and will graduate in July of 2008 One of the things I would like to do after I get my license is enter a wound care certification program. There was a program offered in this forum, I went there, and it mentioned that it was for RN's.

    Does anyone know of a good program in the California area? I am located in central Cal. I don't mind taking online classes. Of course, like all students, I am not rich, but am willing to pay $$$ for the right experience.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
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    Hi everyone!! I am new to this site and I have been reading it. I think it is awesome. I too am a LPN and have been for 14 years. :spin: I have worked in hospital, long term care, physician's clinics, home health, & assisted living. I live in So. Illinois and was wondering if anyone knew of any online certification courses for wound care and MDS? Great supporting each other to all of you!!
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    Quote from E_My
    Today's my first day being a member. I'm already impressed and very thankful to have had found this, not only exciting but informative website-all to help each other thrive in this industry. I'll be in the core program for LVN in a couple of weeks, and it feels like I have mentors left and right already to guide me along.

    Thanks to everyone!

    No problem Good Luck in school. i start in September:spin:

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