LPN job conundrum

  1. I just got a job as an LPN with an internal medicine clinic on 9/10/12. I love my job! It's really great. However, I have been having some problems with my coworkers who constantly tattle tale, are catty, rude and virtually know nothing of the word "teamwork". My problem is that I basically just got offered another LPN position within the same hospital network working in pediatrics! Now I realize that animosity between coworkers is everywhere you go and I don't expect a night and day difference... BUT I don't know whether to stay where I am comfortable, OR to work in pediatrics to get some variation under my belt as I am currently in school to get my RN. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   scottlvn1305
    Take the other job! Just think of it as you're gaining experience in various fields. As for the other nurses, don't mind them. Catty nurses are everywhere, don't stoop to their level and just do your job. Eventually, your demeanor and behavior will speak for yourself. Be kind to others and be proficient at what you do. Nursing is such a small community that when you misbehave, somewhere down the line, it may hurt you. Good Luck!
  4. by   CT Pixie
    I'd jump at the chance to work on the peds unit at a hospital! But that's just me. My goal is working peds (PICU, NICU) or L&D. Our hospitals don't utitlize LPN's on the floors, so to be able to do that would be wonderful. I'm currently in my last semester of my LPN to RN program and wish I could have had the opportunity to work on a peds floor prior to becoming an RN so that I had some experience on the unit giving me a edge on other new grads.

    You applied for the other job for a reason...whether it be you want to work peds, you want to get away from the cattyness you are now being exposed to or something else. As you said, there is cattyness everywhere.
  5. by   CYoungLPN
    Take the Peds!!!!!!