Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10 - page 7

Sicne most salary post are outdated on here, lets get a current thread going for those that are searching Knoxville area, new grad LTC $15 3-11... Read More

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    I am a LPN, graduated in 2008.
    Med-surg rehab or the dementia floor $25.00/hr
    Visiting nurse: $30 a visit RNs make $35 a visit
    LPNs are well paid here and I feel valued. I did leave a well paying facility $33.50/hr to start because it was not worth the stress and lack of support or the loss of my license. The bottom line, Connecticut pays their LPNs very well.

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    Ouch to some of these wages!!!!!! That is a travesty that nurses are making $12/hour

    BC, Canada, LPN
    1.5 years experience (but same for all LPN's, no increments)
    Public health authority--acute and LTC (private, non-union places can pay more or less)

    $24.76/hour base pay
    $3.02/hour for being a casual employee (in liu of benefits/sick pay/holiday pay)
    $1.00/hour weekend differential
    $0.95/hour evening shift differential (3-11)
    $1.75/hour night shift differential

    So, I am going to work at 11pm tonight. I will make a total of $30.53/hour for 7.5 hours paid.
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    Louisiana(South in general) is trying hard to keep our pay low
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    New Grad LVN in Orange County, CA Retirement Community $20/hour some benefits.
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    3-11 LTC a smidge over $25/hr, no benefits, no paid holidays or sick time.
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    Tampa FL
    20 + years of LPN
    Home care for Pediatrics
    16.00 an hour
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    Small Town, Middle of Nowhere Texas
    LVN with 20 years experience in LTC
    $17/hr...and that's with night shift differential. A $10,000 company life insurance policy, in case I drop dead on the job in the middle of the night, and no other benefits.
    Definitely time to move on
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    Not quite $16/hr, PRN status
    LPN for almost 9 years but only 2 1/2 working experience
    Rural MN
    No benefits
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    1.5 years exp as LPN
    My first job in PA $20 /hr night shift.
    Moved to MD PAy 17.50 /hr. 25-30 resident very very stressful
    Now I'm working in VA $23/hr assisted living stress free. Full benfits for PT&FT. No overtime,weekend deff,holiday pay
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    CA New Grad-LVN
    $16.50-Night Shift Convalescent home

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