Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10 - page 7

Sicne most salary post are outdated on here, lets get a current thread going for those that are searching Knoxville area, new grad LTC $15 3-11... Read More

  1. by   keepmovingrn
    Atlanta ga
    Diaylsis 9 yrs experiece
    $26.00, beneifits, blackberry, m-f make my own schdule.
  2. by   keepmovingrn
    forgot to say i'm an LPN
  3. by   maggiesdream
    Stow, Ohio
    LPN 1st.year
    Alheizmers and dementia unit
    15.56 an hour
    full-time 6a-6p 3 days a week
    We are in locked pods. ( 25 patients) unless another nurse calls off. Then we are expected to cover 2 pods. (50 patients.)
    waiting until I have my year experience, then moving on.
  4. by   maggiesdream
    How is the Tampa, Clearwater , Fla. areA on finding a LPN JOB?
  5. by   niceguytx
    Thanks for sharing everyone. I noticed when I moved to the South, they don't like advertising how much they pay. I dont' like that. I like to know how much before I even consider applying.
  6. by   Blackcat99
    LPN with over 30 years experience. I work for a private duty home care agency in Gainesville, FL. LPN jobs here pay $15 an hour. They only pay RN's $18 an hour here too.
  7. by   LACA
    Kingston, TN (15 mins outside Knoxville)...4 1/2 years out of nursing school..I'm an elementary school nurse--8-315 pm Mon-Fri...off for all holidays, Fall Break, Spring Break, 2 weeks for Christmas, and 2 months for summer!! I make right at $20,000 a year...I didn't take the benefits through work, I have my husband's insurance. But I do have 2 personal days a year and I accrue 1 sick day a month.
  8. by   NCmomof2
    Asheville, NC area new grad LPN in LTC facility $18.50/hr base...I do Baylor weekends two 16 hr shifts=32 hrs full time with benefits. *this pay is good for LPNs in the area bc it is practically a "geri-psych" nursing home.
  9. by   J4865
    Maryland. New LPN (agency) 25/hr no benefits
  10. by   QueensNurseNY
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  11. by   kmekmanlvn
    I am an LVN originally from Calif., and very recently relocated to Tyer,TX.While in CA. I was making 25.00/hr Inc. Shift diff.Let me also mention that I have 30+yrs.experiance in almost all areas of nsg. When I relocated to Texas I found the salaries and benefits to be exceptionally poor. Now I have found the avg. pay to be a regular on staff benefitted LVN to be @approx.$18.50/hr excluding a15% noc shift diff. The healthcare benefits are very poor,and we do not get holiday pay!!This is what the ETMC company pays.I am going to definatly find another job.So for those of you job seekers,if ETMC offers you a job,run the other way.
  12. by   itsmejuli
    Pinellas County, Tampa Bay, FL
    new grad LPN
    orientation PRN $18/hr no benefits
  13. by   ZenNurse2016
    Georgia, RN 8-10yrs experience $29.54 per hour full benefits day shift, PRN $35.00/hr 48hr obligation per pay period.