Just took the NCLEX test today. All LPN can you tell me what number the computer stop - page 2

Hello all to the new and old LPN. I just took the test today and the computer stop at 100. Can all of you give me the number when your computer stop. And do you guys think 100 is good number for the computer to stop.thanks... Read More

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    Hi. I took the state boards last week and the computer shut off at 85 questions. I passed, thank God.

    Let us know how ya did, kj.

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    GoooooD Luuuck
    Go and Reeeeeelaxxxx

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    Congratulation in making it this far. I am sure you did better than you think. Good luck
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    Quote from NurCrystal22
    My states minimum is 85 questions and that is how many I recieved..... and I passed.
    You can't really judge by the amount of questions though.... good luck.

    EVERY state's minimum is 85 questions for the PN exam and 75 for the RN exam. The maximum number of questions is 205 for the PN and 265 for the RN.
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    well, I'm from california, so it will take about 3 to 4 weeks before i'll know. I'll put it if i passed. thanks to your prayers and godbless
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    well, i got my results today. and guess what I passed. Wow I think the 2 weeks of waiting for my results was the hardest. The more you wait the more you think you failed. well today, when I got my result I start shouting for Joy. My neighbors was kinda looking at me weird but After I told them, they congratulated me. So guys thanks for your prayers and I will also pray for all of you to pass. K :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
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    You did it!
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    Hey I'm new to the site. I am a graduate nurse. I just took the LPN Nclex yesterday. My computer stopped at 85 but I really felt like I failed, it was a tough test. I should be able to find out tommorrow or Friday. I'm really nervous.
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    I took the NCLEX-PN on December 28 and it stopped after the 85th question.
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    85 questions.

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