Just Registered for IV therapy class...

  1. Any suggestions to aide in this course? It's a month long course mon - thur 5-9p
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  3. by   1pinknurse
    Sounds like it may be better than what my training was. It was a week long & I felt it was a joke. I use IV therapy at my current job & that is where I learned what I needed to be successful. I used YouTube videos a lot. Don't worry & just keep in mind that IV is a skill set. I think a month long of training is good & I'm sure you will do great. Good luck!
  4. by   AngelicDarkness
    I took notes on the sides of the papers they gave me Good luck OP- I loved taking the IV course!
  5. by   Sherri Birdsall
    1pinknurse has the right idea with YouTube videos, here is a good channel with a lot of IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal videos-
  6. by   libran1984
    Practice makes perfect....

    I would love to sit in on one of these classes. I'd love to compare and contrast what they teach in the IV cert class compared to what I've learned in my RN program that supposedly makes an RN already IV cert.

    Good luck. I hope Youtube treats you well. I'm awesome at obtaining IV access, but I was trained alongside my RN peers not in an official class.
  7. by   CaliBoy760
    My IV class was two days long. My first LVN job had me cycling through the draw station one day a week. That's where you'll learn it all.