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    I just got a call from a nursing home that I got an interview tomorrow morning and Im very excited and very nervous. This is my first interview for LVN position. Im wondering if anyone can give me any advice or the type of questions I might receive to prepare myself and what questions I should be asking her. thanks.
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    I've been working in nursing homes for more than four years, and the only interview questions that I've been asked are "Why do you want to work here?" and "When can you start?" You might want to ask about nurse/resident ratios, the number of residents that you'll have, the number of CNAs, and length of orientation.

    In case you receive a real interview, here's a list of 23 of the most commonly-asked interview questions. Click on the link below to get to the questions. Good luck!

    How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions | Wise Bread
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    thanks so much for your comment
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    I always bring a pen & notebook to interviews so I don't forget what was talked about. Write down questions ahead of time so you don't forget. 2 of my favorite questions to ask are: What are your expectations of the LPN (or insert any job title here). The other question I always ask is: "How do your employees perceive you as their supervisor?"; again, I've gotten some pretty interesting responses!
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    writing down questions is a great idea. I have a feeling I would have forgotten what to ask. thanks.
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    how to get hired - Nursing for Nurses

    since you are new your most important concerns should probably be support. Length of orientation, who is around to help you when you have questions, have they hired other new grads. Also how many patients will you have is very important.
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    One thing you rarely see mentioned sounds really stupid but at the end of an interview, when it is your turn to sum up, don't forget to ASK FOR THE JOB. You may think that the fact you applied, came in for an interview, and answered all the questions shows you want the job but restating your desire at the end of the process could be the difference between you and the person who doesn't see the point of this very simple step.
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    @TheCommuter, thank you for posting the website on 23 questions it is very helpful. and @scribblz, thank you for the website on nursing for nurses. I've been looking for a job now for 2weeks and done some of the listed suggestions before I read it and now that I have a nice flow with my current system I WILL land that JOB! thank y'all so much.
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    This is helpful!

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