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So I was terminated yesterday, completely blind sided honestly... two weeks prior my charge nurse told me she got an order for an antibiotic, she put the new order in my MAR and wrote the note regarding MD contact/ New Order...... Read More

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    Quote from shellysbloomers
    About your resume......
    Do not say that you were terminated. There is no way for any future employer to find out this information. It is illegal for your currently employer to disclose the details of your departure. When asked why you left, you can say you are looking for something better, in a different field, with different hours, or whatever. Just don't say anything negative about your former employer. And good luck! I hope you find a great job.

    It is not necessarily illegal. Depends on the state and other factors. In fact, a place can be held accountable if they did not share about an high risk issue for firing. Look at the Charles Cullen situation and what transpired out of it. And remember, it's not legally considered slander or libel if the information is a fact.

    Regardless, there is a way to find out information. Whether a former employer divulges it on the sly is a consideration. In certain circles, things can be carried to others.

    Overall though, on both ends--employer or the former employee--people usually decide to stay neutral to avoid problems. . .but there are exceptions.

    About borrowing meds, shoot, when I first started in the hospital, meds were borrowed or meds were unofficially stocked as a practical matter; b/c pharmacy wasn't open at one place at night, and getting the supervisor to get what you needed could take forever. Things changed, however, and sternly worded policies were enacted. Everyone had to adapt to new systems. Now there are nice things called pyxis and the like--med ATMs.

    Only you can decide if it is worth it for you to fight the whole stupid thing. If not, stay neutral if at all possible. Just say that it wasn't the fit for you. I hate that term usage, "fit," but it seems to be what's in vogue. You will get past this. One day you will stand back and realize that there are so many stink holes and so little time. "Watch your back," should be part of the Nightingale pledge.
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    PS. You are NOT a failure!

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