I don't want to draw blood

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    hi im victoria and I live in sc I want to be a lpn but I don't want to draw blood do o have to draw blood just to be a lpn

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    I worked as an LVN in Texas for four years (2006 to 2010) and never drew anyone's blood during that time. You can decrease the likelihood of ever drawing blood if you stay away from certain workplaces such as hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, etc.
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    It depends on what field of nursing you get in to. I worked for a dermatologist as an LPN for a while, and never drew blood...
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    As the pp's have suggested, it all depends where you work, and what your scope is once you do start working.

    With that being said, do you have a needle phobia? Or a bodily fluids phobia?
    If so, then you should research your decision carefully.

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