I did a stupid, stupid thing...Need Advise!!

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    After a year of hard work, I made it through LPN school and passed my boards in May. In June my world fell apart when my mother died and I lost a baby at 22 weeks. As you can imagine I was overwhelmed by grief. I had somewhat of a breakdown, and stupidly turned to smoking marijuana to ease my pain. (Please know I do not think using drugs is a good way to cope, it was a very poor decision.)

    I finally came to my senses last week and stopped smoking. I am seeing a counselor and going to support group meetings. I have no intention of ever smoking again, I value my work as a Nurse and would never put patients at risk by using illegal drugs.

    I do not currently have a job, but want more than anything to start working as an LPN so I can gain experience and have the confidence and skills needed to continue my education and get my RN.

    Here's the problem: I know that the THC may stay in my body for up to 90 days and I do not want to jeopardize my future as a Nurse by having a positive drug test result. But I also don't want to wait for three months to start interviewing for jobs.

    If I were to interview and be hired, do you think I could explain my situation and still be considered for the position? Or am I just out of luck until the drugs leave my system?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    dont take this wrong but u r worried about a bad decision about smoking an illegal substance. shouldnt ur concern be r u ready to take the intense and potential life altering responsibility of people under ur care? We all r not perfect, do not make or put urself in any difficult situations untill u r sure u r ready for it.
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    Kudos to you for being mature & getting help sweet heart.
    I nurse many people just like you in psych. I don't think anyone would be surprised you turned to substance abuse to cope with what u went thru. I am sorry about your Mum and baby, were you alone when this happened?
    As to the THC staying in ur system for 3 months, I suppose it depends on how ur tested for it as to how it's detected. I'm not in ur country so can't answer this question as to how you would be tested - or even if u would be tested.
    But u need to get thru & deal with everything first. Your health comes first, perhaps going back to work is not such a good idea? Some work and being occupied is beneficial. Do u have to go back for financial reasons?
    Maybe u should wait a few more months & take it from there.
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    4got 2 ask do you have family who will support you sweetie?
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    I think your best option would be to wait it out. I understand that you don't want to wait, but waiting is a relatively small price to pay for doing something you knew was illegal. And besides, I don't think you could explain it away to any employer. Why hire a new grad who can't pass their drug test for any reason when they literally have stacks of applications for a single position?
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    I agree with the the above posters that you may need more time to deal with your grief.

    I have not heard that mj stays in your system that long. Do some research.

    Best wishes.
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    You have only been in recovery for 1 week, give it some time, care for yourself first get your feet firm and your head straight and THEN you will be take on the responsibility of caring for others
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    PLEASE marijuana is not big deal!!!! as long as your NOT smoking it before or during work its fine... in my opinion at least.

    i had a friend that smoked alot for years and he went and got tested after he stopped and it took about a month and a half to be clean

    there for if you have only been smoking since july you should be fine in about 2 to 3 weeks ..... go pay 30 dollars at a lab or the home test if you trust it.

    i did it and i was clean on the home test and came out clean on the job drug test, so i recommend them, but it only took me a week to be clean, cuase i occasionally smoke a lil pot very seldom.
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    Quote from carolmaccas66
    4got 2 ask do you have family who will support you sweetie?

    First, thank you for your kind words. Secondly, I do have a great deal of emotional support, but not financial. This is quite a dilemma. I'm going to need to find some kind of job, but not really sure how or what yet. Do I tell potential employers I'm a Nurse? How do I explain this? And when I do start interviewing for Nursing jobs, how do I explain the long period of not having a Nursing job?
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    I am SO sorry u have had to go thru so much pain. Please knoe u are in my prayers and good thoughts. Hugs - that is one big step in admitting the use of MJ and knowing that it isn't condusive to working as a nurse.

    I wasn't sure how long u have been on AN, but there is a nurses in recovery forum u may feel comfortable posting and/or reading. I am there on an almost daily basis reading even if Idon't post. Will be sending u a PM in just a few.

    Hugs to u!
    Anne, RNC
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