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    Curious how long it took for everyones name to appear on the board after they took the exam (and passed). Im in Ny btw
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    It was posted on the 2nd business day, for me. I'm in Texas though.
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    In Iowa, 2 business days.
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    wow really, i took my test saturday had quick results by that following monday. then i got a paper in the mail saying i passed. but still no number on the board hmm... just keep trying i suppose.
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    I am in MN... I took my test last Wednesday, got my results Thursday, and had a license number on the BON website this morning.
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    whats the website?
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    im pretty sure im using the correct site, my teacher sent me the URL. itll be a week tomorrow since i passed, just checked, still not there. could i call and get my license # ?
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    I'm from NY too. It took about a week before I saw my name on the board website. This is the website I used to check for NY. As long as you pass..don't worry you'll see your name soon. NYS Professions - Online Verifications
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    thanks ill keep checking
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    I'm in CA. We don't have quick results and it took mine almost a month for my name to appear on the website. If you know you passed. Then, you don't have to worry about it.