How do experienced nurses do it to memorize everything? - page 3

Tomorrow is my third day of orientation and I want to show them I can be a great nurse even though I am very new. How do you experienced nurses remember at what time all patients were sitting, out... Read More

  1. by   samadams8
    Got it. Her name is Esme12 . She's a mod here, and I've seen her post some really sweet "helps" sheets more than a couple of times.

    Ooops! LOL

    I scrolled back and saw that she already beat me to it. Look at her Word file sheets. Good stuff!
  2. by   That Guy
    After you develop a routine, it gets a lot easier to remember the things you did.
  3. by   StudentNurse2011
    I depend on my brain sheet too, but it helps to only concentrate on the abnormals. If a pt has a CBC and CMP, I don't waste brain cells worrying about a WNL CBC when I have a K+ of 2.9. The exception to this is lab values or VS that I need to know before medicating a pt. If I'm giving a pt dig or cardiac drugs, I make a mental note of their pulse and/or BP. If the pt gets warfarin, I make a mental note of their INR. I don't consciously remember or ignore any facts; my brain just seems to automatically weed out the information I don't need.

    It comes with practice. Don't sweat it; at first, just write down everything you think you'll need to remember. In time, you'll find that you remembered without looking at your brain. When I first started as an RN, I was amazed at how much information everybody could remember. My head spun even when writing everything down. Now it's just second nature. You'll get there too.
  4. by   Lo2128
    once you get report from the prior nurse and go ahead and make your rounds and put a face to a name you will remember whats going on with that pt. just do what has been posted prior. like on my report sheet that I took from the other nurse I will write silly little reminders about what happened that day and what tests were done and vitals and so forth. majors I always write down because then at the end of the shift its easier to write my nurses note or pass on all necessary info to the nurse. You will get the hang of it. We all do. And when your getting report ask questions ?!!?!? It will help you.
  5. by   Stranded55
    Everyone develops their own style. When I first started I found myself coming up with new forms to organize my shift every week. After awhile, it just comes more naturally.