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  1. Hi my name Stephanie and I just recently passed my NCLEX , the problem is that my school was not a good school at all actually it ended up getting shut down after I left the school. Now I am looking for a job but have no nursing experience and all the nursing postings say that the school must be accredited and must have at least 1 year experience , and I don't have that experience . This is very frustrating to deal with any help in finding an entry level position would be fine. I live in the DC Metro Area need a job desperately. Any help would be great.

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  3. by   systoly
    I'm sorry about your school experience. I've not heard of an entry level LPN position. If you take a job as an LPN, you're expected to do it all, know it all, etc., etc. That of course being the reason for the experience requirement- it's a catch 22.
  4. by   SelenaK
    I am in the same position, having just completed an LPN refresher course (theory only) after being out of nursing for 15 years. It's true, I haven't found any places that have entry-level LPN jobs, but where do we get experience if no one will hire us without experience??? I've even been turned down for LPN volunteer jobs at the free clinic here.. I though that would be a sure thing! I have approached a few hospitals and private practices about doing an "internship" or "working interview" for a few weeks, at no cost to them, but they are worried about the liability. Something's gotta give. I am now applying for the jobs that say require at least six months to one year experience... At least I know they are used to somewhat new grads. Here I thought nursing was in high demand? I'd love to hear back from you, when you get an entry-level job and will share the secret! Until then, good luck, and keep your head up. All that training was worth it, and it will pay off Soon
  5. by   andreasmom02
    I'm in a similar situation. I graduated LPN school in '07, and have barely worked... I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child right after I took my nursing boards! My husband and I don't have much childcare help, so I decided to stay home and be a stay at home mom. I tried to work right after the baby was born, but it was difficult with a new baby, no childcare help, etc. It was hard finding an entry level position when I did try working, but I actually found a couple. I kept putting in applications, and calling places and landed one job in a nursing home. I hated that place, then found a job in an urgent care clinic. I left the urgent care clinic though because it was a long drive & I wanted to be home with my kids.

    When my baby is a little older I would like to go back to work as well. I feel like I've forgotten a lot, & barely learned anything, too, if that makes any sense! I've considered a refresher course as well.

    When my 2nd child was born, I was talking to an LPN in the hospital that was my nurse on the OB floor. I told her I was an LPN and could use a little "rookie" advice on getting started. She told me that she started out working in a small doctor's office because she was scared & felt like she knew nothing. She said it turned out to be the best thing ever. She learned a lot, and didn't feel overwhelmed starting out. When I do go back to work I'm gonna look for a job in a small office as well. Good luck to you guys in your careers...
  6. by   andreasmom02
    I also forgot to add, you guys should try national flu shot clinics, they hire all the time. They were also going to hire me last year if I wanted to work. I didn't get a chance too though...
  7. by   SelenaK
    I was also told to start in a private doctor's offices, and being a single mom, that seemed great, considering the Mon-Fri hours, however, the pay is outrageously low (in the Detroit area). Don't get me wrong, of course I would take a low paying job to gain experience - in a minute - but they don't even pay enough to cover rent and daycare, etc. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  8. by   andreasmom02
    Selenak, you should try a flu shot clinic, like Mollen immunizations. They were going to hire me with hardly any experience at all last year. I didn't take the job cause of my kids, but I wanted to. As long as you have a valid LPN license, and attended a valid LPN school, that seems to be their only requirements. Shot experience is a plus! They have such a high demand for nurses during flu season, they are willing to hire anyone! All you do is set up a small table in pharmacies, grocery stores, etc., and give the flu shot. You should check them out. It may give you a chance to get "your foot in the door" of nursing again. I'm going to consider them as well if I start working again soon. Here is their website: http://www.flushotsusa.com/ Good luck in all you do!
  9. by   SelenaK
    Thanks, I'll try it. I'm not giving up until I find something. I appreciate your help
  10. by   andreasmom02
    You're welcome! Good luck... let us know what happens. I'm sure you'll find something... just keep trying!
  11. by   lorettap
    You could also try an Assisted Living Facility. I was in the same boat as Selenak, out of nursing for a long time, took a refresher course, got IV certified and BLS then began looking for a job....even though i had a great job history( totally different field) it was not helpful for me in trying to get a LPN position. I ultimately got hired at an ALF and I love it! Great way for me to ease back into nursing and gain experience! Good Luck and DO NOT give up ....ther is someone out there that WILL give you a chance!
  12. by   SelenaK
    Thanks - I think I'll just go make rounds at all the Assisted Living facilities nearby. One question -- lorettap -- from what I understand you are "the boss" there, were you ok with that? and is there a DON available if the need arises?