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Hi there everyone....I am ranting at this point in my day. I was approached by an aide that wanted me to PRN a resident and because of the condition the resident was in I did not give any other prn's and the aide gave me lip,... Read More

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    I am really not trying to be mean or be having them work any harder than they already do, but this one particular situation the patient was not well, the patient was dizzy, did not have steady gait, and was hallucinating, so I withheld a prn for pain. I did what I thought was best and even if the cna does know the patient well, come on, really now....to give prn when this patient was having symptoms of something that could have been exhuberated with pain med (narc)...I am a newly licensed nurse yes, but I love my license and I love these people and do not want anything to happen to them. I do still believe that even though this cna wanted me to give prn and I did not that cna did not have to respond like she did......

    nursing gal

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