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  1. Hello everyone, I am currently working as a home health nurse. It has been two weeks working as one. I have been depressed. I had the idea that home health would be more beneficial to work in. Since I have started I have been depressed. I can't eat. I throw up everything I eat. i sleep too much. I think is the patients I have assigned to me that are making me get depressed. I want to quit so bad. I don't know if I will lose my license for doing so. Anyone ever experienced this? I am nervous about 99 percent of the time. My mind is always with the patients not with me. People have already commented me losing weight and looking depressed..please someone write back. thank you.
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  3. by   Amber Lynn

    You will not lose your license just by quitting a job.

    Are you a new nurse? Or just new to Home Health?

    What makes you so nervous? Are the type of patients you see too difficult or need skilled care that you do not feel comfortable giving?

    If so, that is okay. You should talk to the home health company you work with about how you are feeling because your health is more important.

    Good luck
  4. by   shortscrubbs108
    If you give an appropriate resignation, you will not lose your license and should be able to find another job. I agree that you need to figure out what it is that is making you so upset. Have you considered seeing about shadowing in some other areas?
    No matter what, you need to take care of yourself before taking care of everyone else. Hope this helps.
  5. by   BlkQueenLPN
    Poor thing. You won't lose your license for quitting job. If that was the case I would have been working a McDonald's a long time ago.
  6. by   peacetou
    What is it about home health that you don't like? you aren't, obviously, getting the support you need. You can share here and maybe get the feedback you need. Everyone has given you the right advice. Help yourself first and know that we are all here for help each other.:redpinkhe

    It could be worse!!! and you can always quit!!! Just don't forget to breathe!!!
  7. by   nursel56
    I think your levels of fear/panic/anxiety are at such a high level that it's hard to see how you can continue to function, and your patients aren't getting the focus and attention they deserve.

    You provide so little detail in your original post, I don't have anything specific to offer you, but at the very least you need more preceptorship and orientation. Please let us know a little more about you!
  8. by   jane cool
    I have been working in Community nursing for 23 yrs. and love it. Perhaps this isn't your element. You certainly have more autonomy in this area, perhaps you need the comfort of working from a facility where there is more support closer?
    Give fair notice and offer your resignation if you truly are not content or ask for someone to mentor you. Home health is not for everyone. Good Luck .