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Certifications for an LPN

  1. 0 I graduated from my LPN program in December and I've just recently got my license. I am hoping to start an RN program in August, but until then, I thought I could use the extra time off I have to pad my credentials a bit with some extra certifications. I've done some google searches and gone through some of the old threads here, but there are so many certifications to choose from.

    Anyone have some suggestions for what certifications are must have, most useful, etc.? Are there any that will give me a head up on someone else competing for the same job?
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    IV therapy is very useful and it makes you so much more marketable as an LPN!
    You can also get your ACLS, which would also prove very helpful.

    ALSO- did you read the sticky on this? it pretty much answers your Q.

    LPN/LVN Additional Certifications
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    A lot of people keep saying IV certification but where do I go? I did a google search only to find stuff out town..let me know if anyone have info I live in Atlanta GA
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    Start by contacting your LPN school or your closest community college. I am IV Certified & I obtained this cert from my LVN school. Also you can do a Google search for schools near you.
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    We'll I believe now, there is a new Law, where LPN's are suppose to be trained in IV therpay my school offer's it for it's students.
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    All the schools i see are out of town ugh
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    I obtained my IV cert from a private pharmacy company that I found after a google search.