CA LVNs.Where did u get ur IV cert?

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    I'm newly licensed and looking for an IV cert course in or around LA that has classes on the weekends. Any suggestions?
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    Here is the link for IV/BW providers:
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    Yes, I saw that website. Im looking for a personal recommendation from someone who's had a good experience.
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    im going to university of antelope valley in july for mine. may be a ways out for you but it's during the weekend. here's the site
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    oh and it's iv/bloodwithdrawl!
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    I went to Genesis MEC in Brea. It's typically run during the weekend, and it's a 3 day course from Friday to Sunday. I thought the instructors were great and the office sent my info to the board pretty quickly. I had a class C designation (certified in intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal) on the board's website in no time.
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    Does anyone have a clue to how long it would take IV certification to post in CA?
    I took the class in May of 2011 and its been 2 1/2 months since. I contacted a person within the BVNPT and he could not give me an answer.
    The thing is, I need this as soon as possible because this is all I need to apply for my RN program and while theres available space, I want to send in my application asap.
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    I took my class the weekend of Halloween 2010 and it was on the website by mid-February 2011. So 3 1/2 months, but I wasn't even licensed until December. They didn't send my paperwork to the BVNPT until I showed them my actual license, so really it took about a month and a half from when they sent the info until it showed up online.
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    I completed my IV/ blood Withdrawal in early June provider told me to contact them if it had not posted to the BVNPT by end of July it's going on 7 weeks and still not posted
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    Not helpful to you since Im in the Central Valley, but maybe more CV people will see this. I *highly* recommend Vic The PICC in Lodi, CA.
    Its $300 for 4 eight hour days...we did Tues-Fri. The instructor is very entertaining and makes some of the more boring material easier to get through.
    I did mine at the end of June. I havent even checked to see if mine is showing up on the site yet.