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  1. 0 Hello. One year ago I was suspended 3 days for signing for a sacral dressing that I didn't do. My don reported me to the b o n. I got a call from them in August asking for my statement of what happened. Unfortunately I did not have malpractice insurance. Big mistake!! Last week I got a letter from them that they found me guilty of neglect. I can go against the board and fight it. Or I can pay a $250 fine a get 3 years probation. I don't know what to do. Anyone have any similar situation? Thanks.
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    I would call a lawyer ASAP. I'm surprised they are charging you with neglect for this one instance.
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    i agree this is really extreme , i'm sorry you are going through this !! please keep us posted !!
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    AN can not provide the advice you need. The American Association of Nurse Attorneys or state nursing association can provide you with list of attorneys who have appeared before BON to protect your interest.