Am I ready for NCLEX?

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    I'm scheduled to take my state boards next Wednesday (Jan 11th) and I just don't feel prepared. I've been using Saunder's Comprehensive review for NCLEX PN and I took the comprehensive test they have in there this morning and a got a 72%. I've been told you should average about 80% when doing questions and tests. I've been doing about 100-150 questions a day...equaling to about 1400-1500 questions total so far. I'm thinking I should change the date but have been told to take is as soon as possible. Am I doing something wrong for preparing or what? Help please!!

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    I would delay your date. You should have in the neighborhood of at least 3000 done before even considering taking the exam, in my opinion. And the number should be closer to 4500. You also should not do more than 100 per day, with reviewing each and every rationale, as your brain can only hold so much information.

    You are talking of taking it in only a few more days and you should also stop looking at anything by 5 pm on the 8th. So do you think that you will be preppared if you look at it in those terms?

    That is a choice that you need to make. Good luck with your exam.
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    I'm sure someone who has already taken the NCLEX can answer this question better than myself because I am in the same boat as you (in a way). I am scheduled to take it Feb. 28 (because I wanna get it out of the way, have a decent amount of time for more studying AND take it before my temp license expires). I too have been doing questions every day. I have about 4 PN review books and one that came with a CD that's very helpful. (Exam Cram) Each book is different and I'm hoping that the more I review the more will stick with me because I've been getting around the same percentages as you have.

    A girl that I work with who went to the same college as I went to told me that she failed the first time and to wait until the LAST possible date to take it... but I was talking to my Nurse Manager where I work and she told me to get it out of the way, I was thinking... if worse comes to worse and I fail- I can retake it sooner if I take it sooner IF NEED BE.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say in response to your question. Thanks for asking. Good Luck!
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    You should have gained in school all the knowlege you need to pass. The longer you wait, the less you will remember. However, you should spend time doing NCLEX type questions. I did around 2000 but I would recommend 3000 or more.
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    Quote from jimthorp
    You should have gained in school all the knowlege you need to pass. The longer you wait, the less you will remember. However, you should spend time doing NCLEX type questions. I did around 2000 but I would recommend 3000 or more.
    Great advice. Do you think that more than 100 questions is too much per day? I read that somewhere on the forum but I didn't really think it would apply to everyone. Curious as to what your opinion is.
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    You heard that from me. In doing more than 100 questions per day, provided that you are taking the time to review each and every rationale that goes with the answer, both that you got wrong, as well as right, you will not absorb anymore than that.

    In my opinion, the rationales are even more important than doing just the questions because it explains to you what the NCLEX exam is looking for and how you are expected to answer. I have tried it every which way with my students, and they retain the best at this level. The exam is set up to valdiate how you would handle something that would happen to you or could, not on specifics of what you learned in school. They know that you were already tested on that in school. So, memorizing or cramming, will not help prepare, you really need to take the time to understand the material.

    Hope that this helps........................
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    And yes, it applies to everyone.
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    Thanks suzanne4... I've been working with my exam cram CD and I'm not sure how many questions I'm doing per day really, it feels like more than 100 but with the cd if you get some wrong.. it shoots them back at you until you answer correctly. I always look at rationales (although on this they aren't that great... it doesn't tell you why the wrong answers are wrong so much as it tells you why the right one is right...if that makes sense). Thanks for the advice! I'm realllly nervous about starting my new job AND the nclex.
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    The rationales are such an important part of the preparation process that I only recommend Saunder's for that specific reason. They do the best job of explaining.

    If you are telling me that the CD that you are using doesn't do a good job of that, then get rid of it and get something that will help you.

    Doesn't that make more sense?
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    The CD is pretty good because it is helping me, I can see that through my improvement with other questions from other sources. I also use other review books, so I don't think getting rid of this one will exactly help. My only complaint with exam cram is that it doesn't ALWAYS tell you why the wrong answers are wrong. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, thanks for the advice and concern.

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