Where did you attend school?

  1. I"m starting this thread because I wanted to hear from working RN's in the south Louisiana area. I am trying to make a decision on where to attend school. I have recently heard from several nurses that Holy Cross was the best place to attend school. I was really only considering Charity & LSU, but then I heard some bad things about LSU. I want to hear if you felt your education prepared you for hitting the floor, or if you would of done things differently if you could. Any comments would be appreciated!
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  3. by   Katie71275
    Sorry, not in S. LA. I attended LaTech in Ruston and they have a fantastic program. I don't know much about the programs in the Southern part of the state.
  4. by   larutan
    I am from New Orleans. What bad things have you heard about LSU?
  5. by   rebecca9341
    I graduated from LSU this past May. I'm curious to find out what bad things you have heard about LSU.
  6. by   Skillz
    I'm afraid I don't have anything more specific than "she just wished she had gone somewhere else." It was second hand. :/ I'm not phased though. I went to an information session and I got a great vibe from LSU and I will still be applying. For those that have just graduated, were you able to find jobs yet and if so, have you felt prepared to starting out?
  7. by   rebecca9341
    LSU offers a great education, one that you must put in an effort on. Its not an easy program. I absolutely was prepared to work as a nurse after graduation. LSU expects its students to be self sufficient, so some complaints I have heard have to do with the lack of details/information the school gives on miscellaneous information. Your education is very dependent on the amount of effort that you put into it, no matter where you end up going. I did get a job rather quickly after graduation, as did most of my classmates. Good luck the process of applying.