Question about NSU Nursing in Shreveport for ADN Program?

  1. I recently got into clinical and have been there for about 3 wks. So far everything has been good but I was super bummed when i got my first test back and made a 67. I studied really hard and still managed not to pass. I am in no way blaming my instructors for this grade BUT I am curious to know which instructors are sincerely there for the students. I don't know if we are being properly taught but it seems to me that in our class NURA 1100 and NURA 1110 we really are not being taught very much. We kind of just zoom right through everything. I have learned thus far that you pretty much have to study the material yourself because the instructors from the ADN program really don't teach per se. They seem as if they are extremely down to earth people but they don't really teach the students. This is very frustrating to me because I live in Natchitoches and for what they "teach" us in lecture, one can get the same instruction by doing the distance learning for the lecture. It would really save me from having to go to Shreveport 2 days out of the week. Any who, my question is what is your opinion of (1st level) at NSU Shreveport College of Nursing?
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  3. by   learninmama
    I have several people in my class at Louisiana Techinical College that came from NSU. They expressed the same concerns about not feeling like they were being taught.

    That being said I have heard other people speak very highly of the program but, most have mentioned you have to do alot of work on your own time.

    So I guess it goes both ways
  4. by   bassadict69
    You will definately have to put in ALOT of your time into studying!! When I was 1st level, all I did was study...I would take one day off a week for myself or family but the rest of the time was pretty well spent studying.

    Take advantage of the will help alot for the hands on stuff. Also, if you have not already, join or put together a study group of 3 or 4 people. That in itself can be a lifesaver!

    I am in 2nd right now at NSU & can attest to the fact that alot of changes need to be made to the way things are done but evidently that is not going to happen! I have friends in 4th level that experienced the same BS & disorganization when they were in 1st level.

    Hang in one ever said it would be easy!