Please Help - Moving to different state - help with applying for jobs??

  1. I am an RN living in Ohio and am moving to Louisiana - so I cannot visit whenever I want to. How can I let potential future employers know that I am serious about wanting a job? Should I write a cover letter to help explain my situation? Or explain my situation by speaking to them on the phone? Any help would be appreciated!!!
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  4. by   packerfaninsport
    Personally, I would wait until I moved down here. No hospital is going to hire you sight unseen. I cannot see the relevance in why you would want to tell the hospitals why you want to move to Louisiana. I do not think that would be a factor in whether or not you get hired. I hope everything works out for you.
  5. by   elkpark
    You should always include a cover letter with an application, regardless (even on-line applications). Lots of employers nowadays get "spammed" with applications from people all over the country who may or may not have any intention of moving to the state unless they (miraculously, under those circumstances) get a job, so I don't think it hurts to let employers know that you are moving permanently to their area, and this is not some whim on your part. I have relocated a few times over my career, for various reasons, and, each time, I have job-hunted in advance -- including making one or more trips to the "new" area in advance for job interviews (plus looking for housing, etc. -- it's pretty hard to relocate to a new part of the country without doing some "advance work" ...). In each case, I was able to have a good job lined up before I actually moved. I would encourage you to be proactive about job-hunting and communicating with potential employers, including, if necessary, making one or more trips for interviews -- although some employers will do at least initial interviews via telephone.

    I guess it really comes down to how badly do you want a job??
  6. by   plinytheRN
    I am relocating from CA to Louisiana, I applied to a hospital with a cover letter specific to the position and showed my honest enthusiasm for the position. HR called me a day or two later and I was very enthusiastic and motivated to HR. My resume was forwarded to the manager, and I spoke with her briefly for a phone interview and emphasized my interest in the hospital and relocating. I was offered the position two days later. No face to face interview. So, show motivation, enthusiasm, and that you have researched the facility and speak to HR or the manager personally and I think you have a good chance. Really want a job, do all of the above- cover letter and calls. Good Luck!