OLOLC @ Tulane Hospital in New Orleans.

  1. HI, I wanted to know do anyone have information or are attend Our Lady of the Lake College at Tulane University Hospital in New Orleans. The program is an accelerated program and I am interested in going there. They have a ASN and BSN program. I wanted to know how their clinicals are and how many days students attend classes.
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    Hi, VEKE-RNtobe. Yes, I received an application packet and it has the information you were talking about on the recent thread. I have a BS degree in social counseling and graduated and recently passed boards as an LPN. I am interested in attending the program since it is 10 months for the ASN.I am thinking about applying myself since the deadline is March 1. Are you planning to attend the next class in August of next year since they accept application once a year. I am glad to talk to someone that know about the program.
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    This is a small world. I graduated from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in '02 with my degree. I completed my prereqs over there while I was in school. I stay on the Westbank. Where do you stay on the Westbank or Eastbank. Yes, I plan on attending the August class of next year. Did you sent your application already.That will be great for us to be study buddies. Do you have a email address maybe we can exchange.
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    Hey Angel,

    I sent you a PM a few days ago with my e-mail address. Just checking to see you got it.
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    I have known about this program since it began last year. I also have a friend who was in the first program (last August) and has since graduated this past June. You can not go through this program without signing a contract with Tulane. There are no other options. You can get additional financial aid, but you MUST work for Tulane for two years. The reason that I have said beware is because they will tell you that you can work in any unit that has an opening at the time of graduation, However, that is NOT true. You are strictly trained in med surg and that is DEFINITELY where you will be working for the next two years. You do NOT get any other clinical rotation experience (Pediatric, critical care, LTC). This is not a bad thing if you want to work in med surg. If you want to do something else, then this may not be the school for you. I know that 10 months sounds GREAT, but if you are not happy after that time frame then was it worth it. I was thinking about going to this school (because I already have a degree) but I chose to go to another school with plenty of different clinical rotations because I want to be able to work wherever and on whatever unit when i finish. I am not discouraging any of you from this program, I am only telling you what I know to be true. The part that gets people angry is the fact that there ARE other units with openings at Tulane, and they WILL hire new grads in them, but the new grads that they are training through OLOL are strictly to fill their med surg openings. Even if you inquire, they will insist that you are able to go into any department you want to. Just be wise about the decision.
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    Quote from Veke-RN2B
    What school did you go to instead if you don't mind me asking?
    I chose to go to Charity because it is hard. It has a lot of different clinical experiences that you are subjected to. I already have a Bachelor's so getting a BSN wasn't all that fascinating to me. I just wanted what I thought was the school that prepared me for whatever field I wanted to work in.
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    I've had some time to think about my decision about OLOL.....I realize that everything won't be perfect when starting anything in life. I also realize that I could gain valuable experience by starting in med-surg. I guess you can't believe everything you hear, which someone once told me that med-surg is one of the less desirable specialities to work in. Whether these patients be old, crazy, or a pure pain in the behind they need caring nurses. I have never worked in med-surg but if someone on here could tell me exactly what med-surg nurses would do would help a great deal. I am willing to give 2 yrs to Tulane if I'm guaranteed a job at the end where I can get experience so I can eventually move to the speciality of my choice. Do they start their OLOL grads out at a decent hourly rate to start?
    The only reason that I have heard med surg to be undesireable is because of the patient load that is placed on you. I also heard that it IS truly the best place to go first then venture out from there. But I (personally) already know that I would like to work in ICU and I will be unhappy in med surg for two years waiting to get to ICU. From a reliable human resouce personnel, the new grads are starting at $21.00/hr. This is among one of the highest in the city. So, like I said, if you don't mind working med surg, then by all means do it. You will not be able to work (that is what the stipend is for. It is about $750.00/ month). It can be used for living expenses or tuition (~$7500-8000).
    I know that if you decide to complete this program then you'll be fine, but just letting you know the things that they won't. Let me know what you decide to do, if you don't mind. I wish you blessings in what ever it is that you decide. And if you do get into the program, tell me what its really like from your perspective.
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    I received your PM. I also reply back to you on PM. Again, I am sorry for the wait.
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    I applied to Charity School of Nursing and OLOLC. I need slightly more pre-requisites at OLOLC like Chem 100 and PSYC 230, but the program is shorter. Time is a huge factor. How does everyon with a Bach. degree feel about having to go back to school for RN training?