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HI, I wanted to know do anyone have information or are attend Our Lady of the Lake College at Tulane University Hospital in New Orleans. The program is an accelerated program and I am interested in going there. They have a ASN... Read More

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    Have you checked out William Carey College School of Nursing on the NOBTS campus, Gentilly Hwy? It's an 18 month BSN program. You can take your prereqs at Delgado or somewhere like that. It's kind of expensive, but with Tenet & other hospitals providing tuition reimbursement, it might be something to consider.
    Good luck!

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    the charity hosptial system will pay for employees to go to school...i believe the accelerated programs are for lpn-rn or for rn to bs but it is a step in the door for those with limited funds...i believe that they will schedule your work hours around the school hours
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    They have nothing about it on their website. You have to call the school and request info. This is the second year of the program. Classes begin in January.

    Quote from little_red8
    I can't find any information about that program online. How did you hear about it, and what are the prereqs?

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