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Has anyone heard anything back from the New Orleans or the Metairie programs yet? I applied to both and am just waiting to hear anything at this point. Just curious. :idea:... Read More

  1. by   southernbelle225
    So I'm tryn to get an estimate of tuition cost...any ideas? I just wanna start to get finances in order before July or the due date...Its crazy that the acceptance letter mentions a due date but not the amt
  2. by   ciao_bella_504
    tuition rates for 2009-2010 & 2010-2011

    bursar office phone: (225) 768-1770
  3. by   whodat1986

    Ok so I have some good information for everyone! The TENTATIVE start date is July 19th. Sorry, I forgot about asking the end date but if they don't even know when it starts, I'm assuming they definitely don't know when it will end.

    Also, I met with a financial aid advisor. The total cost (I think not including books) will be about $14,000. The amount due by July 5 is gong to be about $1,500.

    Another thing I found out is about WIA. You may or may not be able to get money for this. You have to go get a packet from OLOL financial aid office. It's pretty much just free money because they want people in healthcare fields. I think they give up to $10,000 per person. And you have to round up a lot of your transcripts, work information, birth certificate, acceptance letter... (there's a list of about 20 things). It takes a while to get it together and once you actually submit it to the office, it takes about 4-6 weeks to hear anything back. We are getting a packet with this at orientation, but I didn't know if some of you wanted to start now, considering how long it takes to go through.

    And thanks, ciao_bella! I found a place off St. Charles I'm hoping to get. If not, I'm going to look in Lakeview I think.
  4. by   nolamommy
    Hello everyone! I have been reading as much as I can about the OLOL Accelerated Program b/c I am considering applying for the Jan 2011 class. I have a few pre-reqs to complete over the summer and fall... I am terrified b/c I have 2 young children and haven't been to school in years. Any advice? My husband is in total support of me and willing to pick up the slack at home. I have already met with the coordinator at the Tulane cohort, and she made it sound like getting into the program is no big deal? Is it really competitive? Also, is it true you don't take the TEAS until after you are accepted? Any input would be appreciated!!
  5. by   southernbelle225
    Good job WHODAT1986.....I heard about WIA from previous threads and went to the unemployment office for details...I wanted to know did anyone get a copy of the notes yet? Also, the New Orleans office sent an email out yesterday with some important info regarding background checks...so check your email folks.....
  6. by   oldsouth
    Be careful about moving to the North Shore. They are getting to do some major levee work and the commute from there will be double time!! It is to last for 2 plus YEARS!!
  7. by   greenelle79
    Has anyone gotten the acceptance package in yet? The one we are suppose to get after we fax/mail the acceptance letter in? I know we are also suppose to get a package in that has to do with getting our background information together and other items that Tulane will need. Has anyone gotten that?
  8. by   greenelle79
    Hey Whodat and whoever else got accepted into the Tulane Nsg program with OLOL, what are your first names? I have everyone's email address from Nakia's email she just sent out, plus there is a OLOL attachment with list of names and emails. I can look some of you up and quit using this all nurses forum.

  9. by   MatthewDuhon
    My name is pretty much my user name, but Matt Duhon. I am waiting to hear back from the OLOL BR and Metairie campuses.