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Has anyone heard anything back from the New Orleans or the Metairie programs yet? I applied to both and am just waiting to hear anything at this point. Just curious. :idea:... Read More

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    Good job WHODAT1986.....I heard about WIA from previous threads and went to the unemployment office for details...I wanted to know did anyone get a copy of the notes yet? Also, the New Orleans office sent an email out yesterday with some important info regarding background checks...so check your email folks.....
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    Be careful about moving to the North Shore. They are getting to do some major levee work and the commute from there will be double time!! It is to last for 2 plus YEARS!!
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    Has anyone gotten the acceptance package in yet? The one we are suppose to get after we fax/mail the acceptance letter in? I know we are also suppose to get a package in that has to do with getting our background information together and other items that Tulane will need. Has anyone gotten that?
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    Hey Whodat and whoever else got accepted into the Tulane Nsg program with OLOL, what are your first names? I have everyone's email address from Nakia's email she just sent out, plus there is a OLOL attachment with list of names and emails. I can look some of you up and quit using this all nurses forum.

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    My name is pretty much my user name, but Matt Duhon. I am waiting to hear back from the OLOL BR and Metairie campuses.